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Mar/Apr 2009


Going Against the Grain – Benchmark Study Indicates Online Growth Despite Economy
The Convio Online Marketing Nonprofit Benchmark Index™ Study indicates that online engagement — whether it is fundraising, advocacy or building a constituent database — continues to see positive growth even in a down economy.

Ask the Expert: What are the Benefits of Open Software and How Can Nonprofits Take Advantage of this Technology?
The definition and benefits of open software and the many ways nonprofits are taking advantage of this technology.

Change the Web Challenge
Change the Web Challenge powered by Social Actions encourages nonprofits, companies, and third-party developers to create online tools that help you share ways for others to take action on your website, blog, or mobile device.

A New Report: How Can You Raise More Money With Your Run-Walk-Ride Event?
Through research conducted by Convio and Event 360, with the support of the Run Walk Ride Council, several key trends and best practices emerged on managing a successful fundraising event.

Featured Partner: ThePort Network, Inc.
ThePort recognizes that nonprofit organizations are seeking ways to forge deeper connections with supporters and promote their causes more effectively online. ThePort partners with Convio to help nonprofits more fully engage their donor and volunteer bases using advanced social media solutions.


 Jan/Feb 2009

New Year's Resolutions: Advice from Nonprofit Sector Leaders
Influential leaders in the nonprofit sector share insights and propose resolutions that nonprofits should consider in 2009.

Why is Constituent Empowerment Important and How Do I Do It?
Understanding the importance of constituent empowerment five steps to make it successful for your organization.

Think There’s Nothing New in Donor Management? Think Again.
Learn about the latest donor management tools available in Convio Common Ground™.

Five Recipes for YouTube™ Success
Watch this video from Ramya to learn the five types of content that nonprofits should experiment with on YouTube.

Partner Profile: DDB
DDB Issues & Advocacy works with nonprofits and foundations to develop social media strategies that help them build and strengthen relationships with supporters and mobilize them to take action.

Nov/Dec 2008

Strengthening Your Online Presence: Now is the Time
The urgency of rethinking the fundraising model in challenging economic times

Ask the Expert: Why is Growing Your Web Traffic and Increasing Conversion More Important Than Ever?
Understanding where your website traffic is coming from and measuring your return on investment is critical to help you make future marketing decisions.

Security: An Investment Your Nonprofit Can't Afford Not to Make
A look at the moral and legal obligations related to data security

Leveraging Today’s Tools to Jumpstart Next Year’s Success
Take a look back at the applications and services introduced in 2008 that can help you reach, inspire and manage more people in 2009.

Leveraging Social Networks for Real Fundraising Results
Learn how Susan G. Komen for the Cure Austin Affiliate leveraged social networking to accomplish their goals using Charity Dynamics’ boundless Fundraising™ and Convio Open.

Partner Profile: Beaconfire

Sept/Oct 2008

Nonprofit 2.0: Accelerating Your Organization to Success
When to partner so your organization can focus on its mission.

Convio's New MultiCenter Simplifies Life for Federated Organizations
MultiCenter makes it easy for chapters of multi-affiliate organizations to coordinate and share data, content and branding.

Ask the Expert: What are Five Key Things to Consider When Deciding Whether to Build Your Own Web Applications?

Nonprofit Technology for Today's Changing Global Village
Maybe you can't change the world in a day. But with the right software partner you can change the world everyday.

Partner Profile: Astadia
Astadia helps nonprofits improve results by transforming business processes and technologies.

July/Aug 2008

Nonprofit 2.0 – Leveraging Technology and Social Capital
Larger nonprofits can learn from their smaller peers that leverage technology and social capital to gain efficiencies online and offline.

Ask the Expert: What Is Being Done to Improve Advocacy Communications with Congress?

What is "Open" and Why is It So Important for Nonprofits?
Open Source software, open data access -- what's all the buzz about?

Nonprofits Reach Common Ground for Building Stronger Constituent Relationships
Traditional donor management evolves to true Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) with Convio's new CRM system for nonprofits.

Partner Profile: NFP Technologies
NFP Technologies provides implementation, data conversion, and integration services for Convio Common Ground

May/June 2008

Lessons and Ideas to Replicate from Campaign '08
The 2008 candidates have propelled past tactics of online engagement and fundraising to even greater success. Take a cue from the top political campaign strategists and social networking online experts in how to leverage the Internet as a strategic relationship tool that is changing philanthropy, advocacy and politics.

Ask the Expert: How Can I Avoid Mistakes or Errors in Email Communications?

Ten Online Tools to Help Maximize your Constituents' Event Experience
As the Internet continues to evolve, old-fashioned, face-to-face conversations are being overwhelmed by Web 3.0 tools. Find out how to enhance, rather than replace, your conversations by maximizing the year-round event experience for your constituents.

Convio Go!™ Provides Essential Tools, Expertise for Resource-Constrained Nonprofits to Achieve Online Success
Some organizations don’t have the staff or know-how to begin using the Internet as a channel to engage constituents and raise funds. For these resource-constrained nonprofits, Convio Go!provides the essential tools and online expertise to help you grow your constituent base and increase donations.

Paul Anderson Youth Home Uses Integrated eCRM and Strategic Approach to Broaden its Reach and Impact
Since working with Convio, the Paul Anderson Youth Home (PAYH) has significantly expanded its reach, strengthened its brand and increased revenue by using a strategic, integrated eCRM approach.

Partner Profile: Charity Dynamics

Mar/Apr 2008

Maximize the Online Opportunity with your High-Value Donors
New research reveals the online behaviors, experiences and expectations of high-value donors and the role the Internet plays in the giving process of these "wired wealthy" donors.

Ask the Expert: What can we do to make sure our organization's email gets delivered to our supporter's inbox?

Using the Internet to Move the Potential Donor
Learn from a veteran major gift fundraiser and consultant how to use the Internet in an effective "moves management" strategy that moves your donor closer to making a gift while creating lasting relationships.

Integrated CRM Mobile Solutions Deliver Instant Information to Constituents' Mobile Devices
Learn how the first integrated CRM mobile solution can help your organization increase membership, deliver information, drive response rates and participation and synch up with your Convio data.

Keeping up with the Joneses: Are You Leading or Falling Behind?
Compare your organization against similar nonprofits on the key online performance metrics by checking out Convio's new Benchmark Index Study, featuring the online marketing results of more than 400 organizations across 11 verticals.

Integrated eCRM and Online Video Helps UNCF Increase Online Giving

Interactive Online Campaign Helps America's Second Harvest Feed the Hungry

Partner Profile: Amergent

Jan/Feb 2008

10 Online Marketing Strategies for Fundraising in Challenging Times
For fundraising in tough times, use these 10 best practices plus 3 advanced strategies to connect with the new breed of donor to scale online and drive results.

Looking Back, Looking Ahead: What the Numbers Tell Us
Recent research on the growth of online fundraising. Find out where this growth is coming from and how to measure the impact of online marketing.

Ask the Expert: What Makes an Email Newsletter Subject Line Successful?
Too often the subject line of an email newsletter is overlooked. Get advice on how to use this tool in building and maintaining relationships with your constituents over time.

Convio Offers Nonprofits Real-Time Data Integration with Salesforce®
Save administrative time, ensure data integrity and strengthen constituent relationships through more targeted and personalized campaigns.

Four Tips for Using Social Media to Reach, Keep and Engage Your Constituents at a Deeper, More Meaningful Level
As nonprofits continue to face increasing competition for donor dollars and volunteerism, social media present a powerful way to acquire, motivate and retain a strong supporter base.

An Untapped Opportunity: Engaging Your High Value Donors Online
Major donors are increasingly wired. Get a "heads up" on new research about nonprofits engaging their major donors and why online marketing will emerge as a strong source for new major donor prospects.

Seva Foundation Increases Donations via New Gifts of Service™ eCommerce Site; Ready to Expand Outreach to Wider Audience with Integrated eCRM
Despite news stories of concerns that a tight economy would affect the 2007 holiday giving season, Seva Foundation had record-breaking success.

OI Foundation Expands Outreach, Deepens Engagement via Bone China Tea Virtual Fundraising Events; Online Donations Up 65% in 2007
The Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) Foundation increased its online donations by 65% last year, primarily through its signature Bone China Tea virtual fundraising event.

December 2007

Ask the Expert: When should we end our end-of-year fundraising campaign?
Sending a year-end e-appeal is far better than sending no e-appeal at all -- here are tips for doing it right.

Convio's On-Demand Solutions and Client Services Help Nonprofits Respond to Wildfires
In the wake of the wildfires in Southern California, nonprofit organizations leveraged Convio to inform constituents and raise funds.

Tis the Season for Online Fundraising... and Socially Responsible Shopping
Seva Foundation launches its new "Gifts of Service™" Web site for socially-responsible shopping.

How a Web Site Usability Audit Can Enhance Your Conversion Goals
To maximize results of your outreach and engagement, use these five tips to more effectively launch innovative and creative campaigns that leverage Convio Open.

How Open Tools and Plug-and-Play Solutions Allow You to "Own" Your Future
Guest columnist Leo D'Angelo recommends why a loosely coupled integrated solution is greater than the sum of its parts.

Viral Marketing Evolved: Four Tips for Multi-Channel Marketing with Facebook
Ready to add Facebook? Four tips to achieve real results.

Oct 2007 - Special Edition

Ask the Expert: What's the difference between Open Source, Open Standards, and Open APIs?
And is there a difference in how a SaaS vendor and traditional software vendor provide the "openness" my organization needs?

Revolutionary Ways for Organizations to Collect Data and Personalize Feedback
Guest columnist Michael Cervino recommends ways to get the most out of Convio APIs, Extensions and Connectors.

Convio Open Provides Nonprofits Widest Range of Technology and Integration Options to Create Innovative Strategies that Achieve Goals
Gene describes the vision behind Convio Open, and advises organizations to embrace more choice and innovation in constituent engagement by becoming a part of Convio's next generation of eCRM applications.

Five Ways to Leverage Convio Open to Engage Your Constituents
To maximize results of your outreach and engagement, use these five tips to more effectively launch innovative and creative campaigns that leverage Convio Open.

July/Aug 2007

Relationship Pathways: A Holistic, Strategic Approach for Developing Constituents
Sheeraz talks about why nonprofit organizations need to leverage social networking sites and use Web 2.0 strategies to build their email list.

Using Advocacy to Grow your Online Donor Pool
The International Rescue Committee employs online advocacy campaigns to increase awareness and donations.

Online Donations Soar for Small Nonprofit with Big Mission
Nonprofit award-winner Tahirih Justice Center leverages Convio's integrated fundraising and marketing tools to better connect and engage its supporters.

Facebook Opens Up — Philanthropy Rushes In
Guest columnists Tom Watson and Garth Moore recommend five easy steps to cultivate the Facebook generation as your new donor base for the future.

Dinosaurs Beware! The (R)Evolution of Integrated CMS for Nonprofits Provides a Better Constituent Experience
Integrate your eCRM and CMS to learn more about and better engage your constituents.

Using Cross Channel Marketing to Motivate Donors
St. Francis House exceeds fundraising goals using Convio's integrated marketing and interactive Web site tools.

Ask the Expert: Why should a nonprofit choose a Software as a Service (SaaS) model for its online constituent relationship management (eCRM) needs?
If organization considering whether to build on a homegrown system or purchasing from a SaaS vendor, read on.

Four Reasons to Use Peer-to-Peer Solutions to Empower Your Constituents
Whether you use Convio TeamRaiser(TM), Tributes, or Convio's new Personal Events, you'll find these peer-to-peer solutions deliver benefits beyond the dollars raised.

May/June 2007

Five Tips for Choosing a Web Content Management System
Ready to purchase a Web content management system? Here are 5 tips to consider when searching for a CMS solution.

Client Point of View: In-Person Training Well Worth the Investment
In-person training results in greater productivity and use of Web tools.

Why it Makes Sense, if Not Immediate Cents, to Experiment with Participatory Media Sites
Sheeraz talks about why nonprofit organizations need to leverage social networking sites and use Web 2.0 strategies to build their email list.

Thinking about Updating the Look and Feel of Your Web Site?
Guest columnists Melissa Roberts and Susan Finkelpearl recommend ways to achieve a successful redesign by considering your target users.

Ask the Expert: Should we require names on our online subscriber signups?
Requiring names may limit the number of people willing to sign up, thereby limiting the number of people we could send advocacy and fundraising email messages. What do other organizations do?

Mar/Apr 2007

Do Email Silences Matter? Is Your On-Again, Off-Again Communications Style Making Your Supporters Stray?
Guest columnists Karen Matheson and Eve Fox examine the effect of inconsistent communications on email opt-in lists.

Integrated Marketing: The Power of Combining Online Marketing with Direct Mail for Extraordinary Results
Convio and StrategicOne study how integrating online marketing with direct mail increases fundraising results.

Ask the Expert: What should my organization know about Email Sender Authentication?
Email authentication enables more reliable message filtering. Using some form of email authentication also can help prevent spoofing, phishing, and hoax messages.

5 Tips for Leveraging Constituent Data to Help Nonprofits Get Big Results
Looking for more effective online/offline marketing approaches? Convio offers 5 tips to get your constituent data in shape.

Lessons from a Cupcake Fan: How Online Constituent Relationship Management (eCRM) Makes Constituents Feel Special
Sheeraz Haji contemplates what nonprofit organizations can learn from his relationship with Weight Watchers®.

Jan/Feb 2007

Everyone Has an Opinion: Using Online Surveys to Reach More Supporters
Guest columnist Chuck Anderson offers tips on using online surveys and people's penchants for sharing their opinions to reach new constituents and learn more about them.

Ask the Expert: What is ACH (EFT) and how can it help my nonprofit organization?
In an online fundraising context, ACH debit transactions can be used to automatically draft one-time or sustaining gifts from a donor's checking account. This is often generically referred to as EFT. Find out answers to frequently asked questions about these kinds of transactions.

The State of E-Philanthropy in 2007
In a nonprofit environment with 20x online fundraising growth in six years, Convio Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Vinay Bhagat, reviews the state of online marketing in the nonprofit sector, its challenges, and the best approaches for online success in 2007.

Five Tips for Making Fundraising Event Registration More Productive
Organizations that have planned events in the past know that "a-thon" types of events often require a great deal of time and expense -- from the registration process through fundraising awards and final accounting.

Nov/Dec 2006

Emaily Post's Guide to Online Decorum
Guest author Olga Woltman offers some light-hearted, yet informative tips to nonprofit organizations about the do's and don'ts of polite email society.

Ask the Expert: What are the top concerns involving information security that my organization should be sure to address?
Individuals in today's workplace, whether nonprofit or for-profit, often make common errors when thinking about privacy and information security. Find out about six important points that you should consider when evaluating your information security plans.

Online Social Networks — An Emerging Strategy for Reaching and Engaging Constituents
Social networks offer a promising new way for organizations to reach new supporters. Discover how two organizations are using social networks to improve constituent outreach.

Five Ways to Drive Funds and Involvement Through Constituent Passion
Find out how the newest approaches and online tools can help organizations not only get more constituents involved, but also drive better results in fundraising and outreach.

Sept/Oct 2006

How do I ensure my email is permission-based?
Here are some tips to help nonprofits ensure that people on their email lists are people who actually want to receive their email.

Lessons in Online Fundraising from Disaster Relief Organizations
In recent years, nonprofit organizations have raised unprecedented funds for disaster relief efforts. Convio Founder Vinay Bhagat explores the lessons any nonprofit can learn about online fundraising from these organizations.

Convio Offers Nonprofits Real-Time Data Integration with Blackbaud's The Raiser's Edge®
Convio now allows an organization's offline and online systems to efficiently communicate and share information so groups that use The Raiser's Edge can always have access to the most updated constituent data.

An Organized Donor Database: The Key to Successful Integrated Marketing
The promise of integrated marketing strategies is to deliver optimal results, both online and offline. Guest author Keith Heller explores why integrated marketing strategies are only as good as the constituent data supporting them.

The Danger of Assumptions in Marketing
Assumptions can lead any direct marketer to an incorrect conclusion. Guest columnist Curt Swindoll, CEO, Cool Strategies, explains how his organization helped a nonprofit client double-check its assumptions, and how the exercise paid off.

July/Aug 2006

Major Gifts and the Internet — An Untapped Opportunity?
Convio Founder Vinay Bhagat explores how online marketing and constituent relationship management can support major donor identification and cultivation.

New Functionality Extends Convio5 to Help Nonprofits Capture More Funds
With its latest product enhancements for online fundraising, Convio helps nonprofit organizations extend their fundraising power by coordinating fundraising appeals as well as facilitating designated giving and matching gifts.

Capital Campaign Communications: Giving Major Gift Prospects the Right Kinds of Updates
Delivering the right message to the right people through the right communications channel is critical to capital campaign success. Guest columnist David G. Phillips offers his thoughts on focusing the right communications to the right audience for maximum effect.

How will the "logic puzzle" and similar changes to congressional communication practices affect online advocacy?
Many nonprofit organizations are concerned about recent moves by congressional offices to introduce new technology that adds steps to the process for constituents who want to communicate online with their federal legislators.

May/June 2006

Donor Control and Comfort Increase Loyalty
A strategic marketing company exclusively serving the nonprofit marketplace reviews Convio's newest offering, Convio5.

Convio5 Helps Nonprofits Use Best Practices in Quick or Customized Forms
The latest version of Convio's offering includes built-in best practices that help nonprofits get the most from their donation forms.

Fundraising’s New Synergy: Success Lies in Striking a Balance Between Old and New
Convio Founder Vinay Bhagat explores how a multi-channel, integrated approach helps ensure maximum response.

How can search engine marketing help our nonprofit organization get the word out about our mission?
Search engine marketing, or SEM, may seem like a complex, expensive element of a nonprofit marketer's toolkit. But nonprofit professionals who are willing to spend a little time and money can reap great rewards through SEM campaigns.

Mar/Apr 2006

Convio’s Latest Offering Changes Landscape of Online Fundraising
The latest version of Convio's offering includes built-in best practices for online fundraising as well as unprecedented flexibility in creating effective online fundraising and outreach campaigns that accelerate giving and enhance the donor experience.

What does my nonprofit organization need to be doing for search engine optimization to ensure constituents can find us on the Web?
Every day, new businesses and organizations are popping up on the Web. In this environment, it is increasingly important for a nonprofit to take steps so constituents can easily find it on the Web, which in turn will improve the organization's ability to attract new donors, volunteers and other supporters.

Innovations in Online Direct Response Fundraising Drive Results
Convio Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Vinay Bhagat, discusses emerging best practices and innovations in online fundraising, and new technology to support them.

Jan/Feb 2006

Convio Helps Organizations Break Away from the Traditional "Ask" into New Online Opportunities for Fundraising, Outreach and Building Constituent Loyalty
Based on the online constituent relationship management methodology, Convio products help organizations reach constituents, motivate them to lend support, give them tools to donate online and turn them into lifelong supporters.

Ask the Expert: What is Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and why is it important to my nonprofit organization?
Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is emerging as the de facto standard to address one part of the huge problem created by spam -- namely to provide some level of assurance that senders are who they claim to be. Read on to learn why SPFs matter to organizations doing email marketing.

Online Fundraising Jumps in 2005 and Integrated Marketing Shows Results; Some Organizations May Raise More Than 50 Percent of Funds Online in 2006
Convio Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Vinay Bhagat, takes a look back at online fundraising in 2005, and predicts a paradigm shift for nonprofits in 2006.

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