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On May 7, 2012, Convio was acquired by Blackbaud. For more information, read the press release.

While volunteering for a nonprofit pledge drive, Convio founder and technology leader Vinay Bhagat saw that the traditional process for managing interactions with donors was not as efficient and effective as it could be. There simply had to be a better way.

With insights he had gained from working for a software company, he understood that technology could be the key. It could help nonprofits reach more people, raise more money and reduce costs.

So, in 1999, after talking with more than 1,000 nonprofit executives and assessing their unique needs, he set out to change the status quo for nonprofits. He launched the first comprehensive, on-demand platform that addresses the unique fundraising, communication, advocacy and relationship management requirements of nonprofit organizations.

In early 2007, Convio acquired GetActive Software, a software provider that was, like Convio, leading the movement to help nonprofits use the Internet to inspire and mobilize people to support their missions. Founded by staff members of a leading environmental advocacy organization, GetActive's heritage of experience and engagement with the nonprofit community has reinforced Convio's ability to help its clients increase donor/member retention rates, realize operational efficiencies, empower constituents to become more engaged, and efficiently manage a dynamic web presence.

Recently, the company added a CRM system to its product offerings to help nonprofits move beyond just storing donor data in their traditional donor databases, to using supporter data for raising money more effectively and advancing their mission. 

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