May/June 2008

Convio Go!™ Provides Essential Tools, Expertise for Resource-Constrained Nonprofits to Achieve Online Success

by Alan Cooke, Product Marketing Manager, Convio

Rare is the nonprofit organization these days that doesn't have a Web site and a plan to incorporate the Internet into their activities. Most organizations understand that traditional direct response marketing is becoming more expensive and less effective every year. And, many of them are now successfully using the Internet and online constituent relationship management (eCRM) technology to engage with their constituents and generate new revenue streams.

But, not every nonprofit has the staff and the know-how to start using the Internet regularly as a channel to engage constituents and raise funds. Convio Go! is designed specifically to solve this problem.

Eliminating the risk

Many organizations just starting out using the Internet for constituent relationship management are concerned about the risk in adopting new technology: new technology typically equates to new activities that don't initially feel natural to an organization. Studies by AMR Research last year indicated that the key to successful implementation of eCRM tools include active buy-in, involvement and support of staff members.

Convio Go! reduces risk by offering a packaged program for the novice and resource constrained nonprofit: world-class eCRM tools combined with a team of experts to guide the organization through using these tools and proven online techniques. The nonprofit team actively works with Convio's team of online experts to achieve clearly defined goals. Success is no longer at risk.

The details

Of course, this sounds great, but what does your nonprofit organization get? Convio Go! provides you with a team of online experts to guide your staff in using core software modules, including:

These tools are the heart of the Convio product suite and are the essential pieces to growing your organization's constituent base, building engagement, and increasing donations.

In addition to these tools, your organization receives:

  • Regular coaching sessions with online experts to ensure your staff members are using the tools effectively; and
  • A virtual staff of Convio experts to help you produce one interactive campaign per quarter, with an emphasis on fundraising and email address file growth.

A typical year in Convio Go! looks like this:

The Convio difference

Convio Go! is more than a bundle of software and services. Think of it as a coaching program to make you successful online with the absolute minimum disruption possible, allowing you to concentrate on your mission and your organization's goals. It provides you with the software and consulting services that are just right for your organization's size and staffing level.

To learn more about the Convio Go! program, visit www.convio.com/go.

Convio Go!™ Provides Essential Tools, Expertise for Resource-Constrained Nonprofits to Achieve Online Success | Convio