Sept/Oct 2006

Convio Offers Nonprofits Real-Time Data Integration with Blackbaud's The Raiser's Edge®

by Kim Gilbert, Product Marketing Manager, Convio

Constituent data is one of a nonprofit's most valuable assets. It's the fuel that powers direct response programs — both online and offline.

That's why Convio developed DataSync technology to help transfer data between Convio's online system and more than 30 different database products. It's also why Convio recently released the DataSync Connector for The Raiser's Edge®. In partnership with Heller Consulting, Convio developed this new and improved DataSync offering to provide real-time data integration between Convio's online constituent relationship management (eCRM) solution and the nonprofit sector's most popular and widely used donor database.

Convio's new functionality allows nonprofits to:

  • Automatically search their Raiser's Edge database when new constituents register online to detect possible matches and reduce duplicate records;

  • Instantly recognize donors or members based on information stored in their Raiser's Edge database, and then personalize the online experience with members only content and functionality; and

  • Drive higher levels of engagement through more targeted and personalized campaigns that leverage constituent data stored in their Raiser's Edge database.

Convio's DataSync Connector for The Raiser's Edge and the company's partnership with Heller Consulting enable nonprofits to save administrative time, promote data integrity and improve customer relationships.

Save administrative time

By automating data transfer between offline and online systems, the DataSync Connector reduces the amount of time that organizations spend manually transferring data. Additionally, automatic duplicate detection prevents organizations from having to manually search through databases for potential duplicate records.

Ensure data integrity

Constituent data is one of an organization's most valuable assets. If valuable constituent information becomes corrupted or out-dated, fundraising and advocacy efforts will suffer. By working with Heller Consulting, organizations can start with a cleaner database and make sure that data fields are set up to promote long-term efficiency and integrity. After an organization's system is up and running, the automatic duplicate detection and updates will help groups easily maintain long-term data integrity.

Improve constituent relationships

Organizations can help build stronger constituent relationships by personalizing online communications with supporters. Additionally, constituents have more confidence in an organization if they observe responsiveness to their comments and requests. The DataSync Connector helps with both.

Using the DataSync Connector, an organization can personalize its Web site for users who previously have only interacted with the organization offline. When a constituent logs on to a group's Web site for the first time, the DataSync Connector searches The Raiser's Edge database for matching offline constituents and provides the online content of interest for that individual. This helps constituents realize that the organization understands their interests.

In addition, the DataSync Connector can help an organization by automatically and instantly updating personal information in the online database when a constituent calls in to update his or her profile information. The constituent also can verify online that the change has been made.

Synchronized online and offline data delivers a more complete view and better understanding of constituents, which is key for conducting effective integrated fundraising and marketing campaigns. The DataSync Connector provides organizations with powerful software to efficiently integrate valuable constituent information from their Convio-powered online database, Constituent360™, with offline data from their Raiser's Edge database to save administrative time, ensure data integrity and improve customer relationships.

Convio will continue to develop DataSync Connector technology to work with a growing number of database products, giving organizations more flexibility and options for technology solutions and making it easier for organizations to take full advantage of their constituent data — both online and offline.

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Convio Offers Nonprofits Real-Time Data Integration with Blackbaud's The Raiser's Edge® | Convio