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  • Created an integrated online community to attract and empower top supporters
  • Used Convio Luminate Online integrated with Small World Labs Online Community Platform
  • Growing base of top supporters by 16% per month without any marketing promotion
  • Increased monthly volunteer hours by 228%, achieved a viral sharing rate of 115% by members on social media, and improved engagement levels to 11 minutes per visit
  • Previously attempted project using another platform, but encountered limitations with functionality, access to user data, personalization, integration, and overall enterprise support

Canadian Civil Liberties Association

  • Used Common Ground's strong event management tools to hold a major fundraising gala annually
  • Now streamlining community events with online registration and ticketing
  • Saving time on direct mail segmentation, data entry and monthly donor service
  • Improved donor cultivation yielded $30,000 year-over-year increase in support from allied professionals group
  • Growing their email subscriber list to 5200 and increasing the number of individuals from whom they receive support


  • CHOICES has seen a significant impact on their daily operations, list growth, and the increas in awareness of child obesity
  • With all the time saved with Common Ground, the organization is now able to focus on what really matters to them - their mission


  • Had used the Salesforce Nonprofit Starter Pack, but found it lacking key capabilities related to supporter households, grant funding and interactive web forms
  • Seamless online form integration relieved labor-intensive data entry workload and nagging worries about the security of online transactions, including zip code gathering for geo-targeting
  • Migrated seventy-five grants, their milestones and reporting requirements from various spreadsheets into one system
  • Reached Spring Appeal goal of $20K by including links to their online donation form throughout their Drupal website, email messages and social media

Food Bank For New York City

  • Chose TeamRaiser to create a virtual food drive that is easy to register for and engages donors by giving them a hands-on shopping experience
  • Significant increase in recruitment among individual sponsors, which traditionally was not a very active and engaged group
  • Increase in participation led to a 227 percent growth in fundraising & 189 percent growth in number of gifts
  • More engaging website helped attract an additional title sponsorship that more than paid for the tool itself

Project On Goverment Oversight

  • Worked with Convio User Experience team to refresh POGO’s homepage design; Website visits rose by 40 percent within three months
  • Grew its housefile from 4,500 to 13,000 using a multi-channel approach, which included organic growth, list acquisition, action campaigns and social media
  • Engaged new constituents effectively with its customized welcome series
  • Used Convio Luminate CRM to consolidate five years of constituent data from various sources


Meals On Wheels & More

  • Able to build customized fields and page layouts giving donors the option to memorialize a single donation to multiple persons
  • Now can customize and send targeted communications and track contact information so they can better tailor future communications to recipients based on interests
  • Saved valuable time and money in the ability to input donations more efficiently

Side by Side Kids

  • Common Ground featured a highly intuitive user experience which would mean minimal training requirements for the non-technical staff
  • As an internet based system, Common Ground did not have to be installed and managed in-house representing a large gain in efficiency for the organization
  • The organization now has the ability to offer self-serveice features to volunteers enabling them to update their information directly on the web and creating a large advantage for them

United Way of Lake County

  • Within 24 hours, the employee had collected nearly $2,000 from 50 different donors. This inspired four additional personal fundraising appeals with the goal of $10,000. The winning team raised a combined total of more than $16,000 in five 24-hour periods.
  • By taking such a creative multi-channel approach to its fundraising efforts and leveraging peer-to-peer fundraising, UWLC collected 154,489 books, exceeding its goal of 100,000 books by more than 50 percent.
  • The success of their broad-reaching interactive campaign also brought out the creativity of local individuals who held book parties over the summer, purchased books from the library, and collected books in lieu of presents for birthdays and Bar Mitzvahs.

Cross International

  • The strategic services team helped the organization analyze campaign performance across campaigns within a given year, month, theme, offer, etc.
  • From this intelligence, they created an additional layer of selection criteria that separated the unresponsive constituents from those that had a higher likelihood to respond.
  • Using this newfound information, the organization was able to imporive campaign income by 10%.

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Miami

  • Common Ground enables the team to manage multiple appeals and streamline the process to create new donation forms
  • CCADM is now more agile and has obtained the ability to respond quickly and efficiently to their unique, extreme situations of natural disasters

The Heritage Foundation

  • Engaged Convio Strategic Services for an in-depth analysis of their online and offline data to validate the thesis that communicating with donors through more than one channel drives stronger results than a single channel alone
  • Proved their thesis that multiple communication channels increased gift frequency, increased gift value and increased donor value over 12 months

Human Rights Campaign

  • Utilizes sophisticated multi-channel strategies to maximize constituent engagement nationwide
  • Works in a coordinated, silo-free environment to ensure constant cross-departmental communication and messaging
  • Sent 19 million emails to supporters, 625,000 emails and 50,000 handwritten letters to members of congress as part of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal
  • Sent 460,000 election-related action alert emails, generated 151,000+ constituent contacts to targeted legislators, and delivered 75,515 postcards from constituents to state senators in support of Marriage Equality in New York

Civil War Trust

  • Transformed CWT's dated and cumbersome website into a key component of the organization's communication platform
  • Coordinated efforst across departments to implement multi-channel practices that helped to bring in multiple six figure gifts, both online and offline
  • Gained the ability to send branded, content-rich emails and track relevant metrics, including open and click-through rates
  • Used online advocacy tools effectively to rally individuals in support of protecting land adjacent to battlefields

Wildlife Conservation Society

  • Streamlined the efficiency and effectiveness of WCS’s online advocacy efforts by using Convio to support both city and state campaigns in parallel
  • Sent more than 150,000 messages to elected officials, recruited almost 2,500 new constituents online, and integrated social media into WCS’s advocacy campaigns
  • Mobilized thousands of constituents who, in conjunction with lobbying efforts, helped to secure the attention and support of elected officials
  • Restored the funding to the Environmental Protection Fund/Zoos, Botanical Gardens and Aquaria Program in state budget and city budget for cultural institutions

American Nurses Association

  • Successfully executed numerous advocacy campaigns around issues that matter to nurses.
  • Created a valuable dialogue between the White House and ANA’s audience enabling them to become more sophisticated in their communications and further their grassroots outreach.
  • Drawing people in with high-quality and relevant content, sharing valuable information, and making nurses realize why they should care about certain issues.

Daily Bread Food Bank

  • Raised nearly $60,000 from an end-of-year giving campaign — their most targeted campaign ever
  • Received positive responses and donor leads from email newsletters, ecards, and other communications
  • Now working more closely together to ensure they're communicating with people effectively, and more about how to apply best practices learned from the Go! program



New York Public Library

  • Leveraged Convio solutions to execute an integrated campaign using email, advocacy action alerts, video, social media and blogging.
  • $27 million of the proposed $37 million was restored in the budget, keeping all of the libraries open an average of five days a week.
  • 130,000 letters sent to the City council, and more than $144,000 donated online and nearly 28,000 actions were taken online.

The Greenway Foundation

  • Greenway Foundation consolidated 47 contact spreadsheets into a single system.
  • The group now has a single view of supporter data without duplicates, and any member of the organization’s four-person staff can add or view constituent records anytime, anywhere via the web.
  • The group now can customize and send targeted communications and track contact information so they can better tailor future communications to recipients based on interests and past activities.

Michigan Humane Society

  • Over a four year period, MHS has grown its useable email list from 6,900 to 63,000, and increased annual online donations from $216,000 to more than $583,000
  • The lifetime ROI for Convio is nearly 800 percent
  • MHS utilizes TeamRaiser in multiple ways including support for two of its annual events and has raised more than $752,000 in five years.

UN Foundation

  • Improved search engine optimization using metadata in CMS resulting in referrals from Google’s organic search to climb more than 260 percent year-over-year.
  • Increased the number of unique visitors for one of the UN Foundation’s website by 45 percent and the corresponding email list grew by 26 percent.
  • Showed a 77 percent jump in unique page views for the organization’s main website, and a 50 percent increase in the average time visitors spent on the site.

American Health Assistance Foundation

  • Experienced a 63 percent increase in online giving in the first nine months after the new website went live
  • Page views to the site increased 9 percent, unique visitors by 29 percent and total visits by 25 percent;
  • Online gifts increased 46 percent 

World Wildlife Fund

  • Able to more closely monitor and optimize their sustained giving donations with Convio’s new sustained giving credit card features
  • Boosted holiday giving campaign results by adding a deadline in the call to action; sending a reminder email the day before the deadline led to a 55 percent boost in revenue
  • Launched a multi-series renewal campaign in which the second email in the series led to a 79 percent increase in revenue

National Trust for Historic Preservation

  • Utilized open technology, the NTHP This Place Matters campaign included a social media strategy that involved Google Maps and Flickr.
  • By allowing individuals to share their voices and tell their stories about places that matter to them, NTHP overcame an obstacle that challenges many nonprofits providing fresh online content.
  • The organization now has more than 1000 photos to display on its website that it never had before, in addition to hundreds of new stories from individuals that it can use in different ways while also engaging a new audience and converting them to members.

America’s Second Harvest of Wisconsin

  •  Entered the Convio Go! program in June 2008 as part of a strategic initiative to invest in online communications
  •  More than paid for the Convio Go! program with its first online appeal
  • Achieved their leadership team’s goals without spending more than 10 hours of staff time per week

Children's Defense Fund

  • Improved internal website traffic and better staff understanding of content organization and integration, resulting in less time to maintain the website, often due to dynamically driven and related content automation
  • Email conversion rate increased from 2.0 percent to 8.5 percent; Google organic search visits increased 23 percent; Google listing now includes CDF program links
  • Average time on website up 15 percent; bounce rate improved 1.37 percent


Susan G. Komen for the Cure Austin Affiliate

  • Developed an effective and accessible strategy to tap the power of Facebook, a popular social networking site
  • Used boundless Fundraising, built by Charity Dynamics, Convio TeamRaiser, and APIs made available through the Convio Open Initiative to empower supporters to fundraise on the organization’s behalf
  • boundless Fundraising social networking application was adopted by 676 participants
  • Komen Austin received more than 2700 referrals from Facebook as a result of the application

Outreach International

  • Created “Plant a Tree” Facebook application to support long-term effort focused on reforestation
  • Within six months, built entirely new community of more than 1,600 Facebook users
  • Group continues to build awareness, generate interest and increase loyalty among new supporters with frequent and relevant communications

Conservation International: Data Integration

  • 33% more time saved with highly-automated Connector synchronization of data between the two systems
  • 95% more time saved with the capability to access RE-side segmentation (groups and lists) and automatically build corresponding groups in Convio
  • Improved confidence in reporting capabilities and decisions based on results, due to data integrity

MAP International

  • 100% more efficient in gift entry and auditing due to the import/export features of Convio Database Connector to The Raiser’s Edge®
  • Real-time data integration to 105,000 constituent records stored in The Raiser’s Edge enables current and personalized online communications to constituents

Yellowstone Park Foundation

  • Grew email list by 20 percent and increased monthly website visitation by 26 percent
  • Paid for its three year technology investment with funds raised online in the first year alone
  • Learned strategic planning and online marketing best practices in order to replicate programs in the future

Conservation International

  • Received $1 million in donations online during FY07
  • "The Great Turtle Race" campaign attracted 50,000 new constituents within a two week period and garnered extensive media coverage
  • Grew email addresses from 4,000 to more than 100,000 in two years (an increase of 2400%+)

BC Cancer Foundation

  • Raised $582,000 online during FY2007, including $80,000 through TeamRaiser
  • Increased online donations to as much as $130,000 per month
  • Empower event organizers and participants to fundraise effectively online

Iowa State University Foundation

  • Raised $285,000 online in FY 2008 (a $100,000 increase from FY 2007)
  • Had a ten-fold increase in profile updates during a one year period
  • Registered more than 500 people online for regional events tied to the foundation's capital campaign


  • Grew online housefile by more than 400% to nearly 50,000 active email addresses
  • Increased online revenue by over 400% through file building, campaign integration and multi-channel approaches
  • Since 2001, raised more than $1.9 million online, accounting for 13% of total annual revenue

East-West Ministries International

  • Raised $45,000 online in the last two weeks of 2006
  • Raised a total of $331,000 online in 2007 — well over double the amount raised online in 2006
  • Grew its house file by 365% (from 1,426 to 5,218 email addresses)


  • Conversion rates averaging 10%
  • Grew the organization's email list from 15,000 to 77,000 in three and a half years
  • Increased online revenue from $35,000 to more than $1 million per year

Paul Anderson Youth Home

  • Grew online constituency by 700% in two years
  • Achieved a 398% growth rate in newsletter signups
  • Raised $50,000 from the Paul Anderson Cycling Challenge, $30,000 of which was donated online

Colorectal Cancer Coalition

  • Grew housefile from 2,000 to 6,000 emails addresses in 2 years
  • Launched successful, rapid-fire advocacy campaign with high open and click-thru rates to support Colon-Prostate Treatment Act
  • Automatic data synchronization reduced process from 10-15 hours per week to 30 minutes


  • Increased overall online revenues by approximately 61% since using Convio
  • Increased online gifts by 347% in 2007
  • Generated an average online gift of $288.90 compared to average offline gift of $83

Feeding America

  • Raised $40,000 in online donations from "Fill America's Fridge" 2007 campaign
  • Grew its email list by nearly 10%
  • Increased online revenue by 40% from fiscal years 2005 to 2007

Sacred Heart Southern Missions and Sacred Heart League

  • Increased number of email addresses from 13 to over 4,600 in just over two years
  • Realized a 116% increase in revenue from year one to year two
  • Attracted young donors by approaching website as an integral marketing and communications tool

Catholic Medical Mission Board

  • Increased online giving from just over $32,000 in FY03 to more than $168,000 in FY07
  • Grew email list from 4,000 in 2005 to 32,000 in 2007
  • Launching new cross-departmental initiatives

Jewish National Fund

  • 100% growth of email roster in 2004
  • Localized more than 30 regional email newsletters
  • Raised more than $1.4 million online in one year

Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation

  • 250% growth in monthly website visitors
  • 43% increase in educational materials distributed
  • 46% increase in clinic directory

North Carolina Conservation Network

  • More than doubled email list; considerably improved email deliverability rates
  • Letter edit rates for advocacy campaigns reached up to 43%
  • Simultaneously execute and track multiple fundraising campaigns

League of Conservation Voters

  • Launched first fundraising and advocacy campaigns within two weeks
  • Created of three interactive websites, composed of more than 3,500 pages
  • "Hands Off Our Coast" campaigns: 200,000 letters sent to U.S. Senators, raised $9,000

Komen Denver Race for the Cure®

  • Online registrations doubled in the first year and continue to increase
  • Online pledge dollars increased about 1000% in two years
  • Total expenses in 2007 were 19% of total online revenue, with Race expenses at an all-time low of 15%

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

  • Grew email list more than 143 percent in six months
  • Raised more than $1 million online in seven months
  • Cut costs in half for donation processing

Fenway Community Health

  • Grew email address file by more than 3,000 in about 18 months
  • Able to communicate with constituents immediately
  • Uses offline data to help target online donor programs and appeals

Easter Seals

  • More than 50x growth of email roster
  • Average 1,200 new website registrants per month
  • 100+ websites with consistent branding and design

Children's Cancer Research Fund

  • Significant increase in website visitors and online donations
  • Automated tasks that were highly manual in the past
  • Established regular email communications with donors

Chicago Public Radio (WBEZ)

  • Nearly doubled list of email addresses
  • 150% growth in online donations in 2003
  • Raised 10 times more online than Convio cost

Center for Responsible Lending

  • Within a year, grew email list by 240%
  • Ten times as many new subscribers each month
  • Campaigns resulting in 8% Tell-a-Friend recruitment rate

Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh

  • Grew email roster from 5,000 to 12,000
  • Raised $121,000 online in 2003
  • 88% of newsletter recipients renewed membership

California Alumni Association

  • Generated $1.3 million in membership dues and donations
  • Managed more than 135 paid and unpaid events online
  • Delivered nearly 140,000 letters and emails to elected officials, successfully opposing a state bill

Autism Society of America

  • Increased email address file by 14 fold since 2002
  • Increased online revenue 15 fold since 2002
  • Now collects 25 percent of dues revenue online

American Red Cross

  • Raised more than $130 million online
  • Launched over 15 local chapter sites and 500 corporate giving sites
  • Delivered more than 72 million emails

American Diabetes Association

  • Generated over $34 million in online revenue
  • Increase online revenue to $11 million, exceeding fundraising goal by $3 million
  • Engaged over 82,500 advocates who have generated over 857,000 messages

Polly Klaas® Foundation

  • Grew email list from 326 addresses to more than 60,000 in 5 years
  • Increased the number of Child Safety Kits ordered from about 17,000/year to 100,000+
  • More than 600 people registered within 48 hours for eVolunteer recruitment campaign

Project Bread

  • Drove participation in "The Walk for Hunger," increasing online donations almost 200%
  • Increased web traffic during Walk season by more than 50%
  • Email open rates rose as high as 51%

St. Francis House

  • Raised over $73,000 online within the first 10 months with Convio
  • Increased email addresses from 150 to 1,800 in 12 months
  • One staff member manages all online marketing, worked with a Convio Interactive Consultant to devise strategy

Stand to Reason

  • Increased online donations 65 percent in first six months
  • Increased online registered users more than 150 percent
  • Paid three-year projected costs of Convio in three months

Texas State Alumni Association

  • Grew email roster from 3,500 to 13,000
  • Sent more than 325,000 individual emails
  • Processed $5,300 in online ticket sales and reservations

United Way of Lake County

  • Improved event attendance by up to 80% 
  • Doubled online donations within six months of using Convio
  • Grew email file by more than 30% in less than a year 

Trisomy 18 Foundation

  • Increased online monthly donations from $2,000 to $10,000
  • Doubled email file in just over 12 months
  • Unique website visitors have increased from 8,000 to 20,000+

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