Mar/Apr 2008

Integrated CRM Mobile Solutions Deliver Instant Information to Constituents' Mobile Devices

by Matt Wilson, Product Partnerships Manager, Convio

An emerging wave of technology that allows consumers to get instant information through their mobile phones is fast becoming part of nonprofit advocacy and fundraising campaigns. These new technologies make it possible for your organization's supporters to take action and donate anytime, anywhere.

No longer the province of the young, mobile messaging is used heavily across nearly all demographics — 90% of people have their mobile device with arm's reach 24/7. And because mobile is spam-free, your message doesn't get ignored.

Given the extraordinary popularity of mobile messaging, Convio has partnered with Mobile Commons to launch the first integrated CRM Mobile solution to help organizations increase membership, deliver information, and drive response rates and participation.

Mobile Commons offers four products that allow organizations to create mobile applications simply and quickly:

  1. mCommons
    A Web-based platform, mCommons allows organizations to integrate mobile messaging into their campaign strategies, Web site and Convio and GetActive platforms. mCommons is packed with features, but getting started couldn't be easier.

  2. mConnect
    An innovative voice application that ties in easily with an organization's email, Web, and mobile campaigns, mConnect allows organizations to play a pre-recorded audio message before connecting users to a destination number. A popular feature for targeted legislative call-in campaigns, mConnect lets an organization's constituents connect to their representatives by replying with a text message or simply clicking the number in the message.

  3. mCast
    mCast makes it easy to take incoming messages and project them onto the sides of buildings, large screens at live events, or widgets all across the Web.

  4. mData
    mData enables organizations make their data and information instantly accessible from every mobile phone, simply by uploading a spreadsheet or connecting to a Web service. mData provides an opportunity for organizations to strengthen connections with constituents and supporters, all while building their lists. Constituents get information when they want it, and organizations gets real-time data about their constituents' interests and behavior.

With each of these products tied into the Mobile Commons dashboard, organizations' mobile data is now synchronized with their Convio data in real time.

Integrated CRM Mobile Solutions Deliver Instant Information to Constituents' Mobile Devices | Convio