Jan/Feb 2009

Partner Profile: DDB

DDB Issues & Advocacy works with nonprofits and foundations to develop social media strategies that help them build and strengthen relationships with supporters and mobilize them to take action. The growth of social media has empowered consumers, giving them unprecedented access to information, the ability to be heard, and the strength that comes from connecting with others who share their likes, dislikes and values. Social media has also led consumers to have new relationships with brands — including nonprofit organizations. They want to be let inside, calling for transparency and the opportunity to actively help you achieve your mission.
DDB works with their clients to navigate this new — and often overwhelming — communications landscape. They analyze the conversation about your organization or issue, weeding out irrelevant information and identifying opportunities to leverage this organic word of mouth to achieve your objectives. With this information in hand, DDB develops engagement strategies that turn supporters into ambassadors. They help clients to join the conversation and ensure that their website development and search engine optimization strategies integrate social media best practices. Most importantly, DDB knows how to measure the impact of their efforts to give you the confidence you need that your marketing dollars are being put to good use.
To learn more about DDB, contact Alison Byrne Fields at 202-261-0402 or alison.byrnefields@ddbissues.com.

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