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Convio Partner Program: A network of firms serving your needs

At Convio, we recognize that no single company can serve every nonprofit's needs. So, we've developed the Convio Partner Program, an active community of leading strategy, services and technologies firms serving the nonprofit sector.

Simply put, it's a network of experts that's ready to give you the help you need to reach your goals and make the most of your investment in Convio. With our partners, we aim to deliver the solutions, applications and strategies that will move more people to support your cause.


The Convio Partner Program has two types of partners that can help you with your needs:

Convio Solution Providers (CSPs)
CSPs consult around and deploy Convio software. They also provide related post-deployment services that may include interactive strategy and web design. CSPs achieve "authorized" status through training and testing, so you can count on them for the quality you expect. If you’re thinking about working with an agency, be sure to ask if they’re a CSP. If they are, you’ll know that they have the deepest knowledge and expertise around Convio products of any company providing service to the nonprofit sector.

Convio Open Partners
Convio Open Partners provide technology that complements Convio products and extends your Convio solution even further. Their technology typically integrates with Convio products through Convio Open APIs. Convio Open Partners leverage the Convio Open Development Program to extend the product's functionality in new ways, tailored specifically to your needs. 

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Thinking about working with a firm for consulting or deployment services around Convio products? Ask if they’re an Authorized Convio Solution Provider — CSPs have the deepest knowledge and expertise around Convio products.


Integrations provided by Authorized Convio Open Partners are reviewed and approved by Convio, so you can be confident the application will work successfully in your environment and that is it supported by the partner.

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