Nov/Dec 2008

Partner Profile: Beaconfire

Beaconfire integrates compelling vision, clever ideas, creative design, and leading-edge Internet technologies for their clients to produce websites and online campaigns that shine.  Every day, they work with their clients to coordinate stakeholders and constituents, data and online technologies, communications, campaigns and networks, and interactive websites to change the world.

Beaconfire's service lines include:

  • Web Design and Development: When you need a website that is beautiful, sophisticated, and easy to use like Union of Concerned Scientists or Share Our Strength.
  • Online Campaigns and Marketing: When you want to build an outspoken, loyal, and generous online constituency like the ACLU and NPCA.
  • Internet Strategy and Planning: When you want a fresh and experienced perspective to help you plan for success.
  • Software Evaluation: When you want advice you can trust before making a big investment.

The Beaconfire team is made up of smart, curious, and creative people who like to help good causes make a difference in the world.  

  • They've worked exclusively with the nonprofit community since 2001.
  • They're rigorous and methodical.
  • They take their work much more seriously than they take themselves.
  • They’re committed to helping their clients shine.

To learn more about Beaconfire, contact Michael Cervino at 703-894-0080 x222 or michael.cervino@beaconfire.com.

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