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A growing number of nonprofits are incorporating the Internet into their marketing and fundraising strategies. And, as our clients are becoming more successful online, the demand for Convio online marketing and CRM software continues to increase.

Becoming a Convio partner is an opportunity to broaden your offering and grow your business. You’ll tap into an expanding base of nonprofit clients using Convio's market-leading products.

We have three types of partners aligned with the way we and most of our partners do business. Your company may fit into one or more of these categories:

  • Convio Solution Providers (CSPs)
    These partners consult around and deploy Convio software. They also provide related post-deployment services that may include interactive strategy and web design. CSPs achieve “authorized” status through training and testing. Because we have trained and tested them, these are the partners we recommend to consult around and deploy Convio products.
  • Referral Partners
    These partners introduce Convio products to nonprofit organizations and earn a percentage of the revenue generated for business that closes. They are savvy problem-solver in the sector — helping nonprofits discover leading solutions for nonprofit online marketing and CRM and growing their business along the way.
  • Convio Open Partners
    These partners provide technology that complements Convio products to extend our clients’ Convio solution even further. Their offerings typically integrate with Convio products through Convio Open APIs, and include social networking tools, mobile messaging platforms, and donation applications.

We want you to get the most from your partnership with Convio. So, depending on your type of partnership with Convio, we'll provide you with support, educational resources, Convio updates, and co-marketing opportunities.

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Becoming a Convio partner is an opportunity to broaden your offering and grow your business. You’ll tap into an expanding base of nonprofits that use Convio's market-leading products. If your company is interested in partnering with Convio, please complete and submit the inquiry form below.

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