Our Extensions make use of the best the internet has to offer in terms of available APIs, powering the richest administrator and constituent experiences in the industry.

The Flickr™ integration provides a user generated event marketing opportunity for organizations with a TeamRaiser event.

  • Simple integration for even non-technical administrators
  • Respects the privacy of individual participants
  • Automatically consolidate user-generated photos into a compelling event photo album in Flickr

The Google™ Maps integration empowers administrators, event participants and personal event hosts to easily include maps in their content.

  • Point and click interface, no code to copy
  • Unlimited locations
  • In CMS, mash up content with maps to create rich data visualization

The YouTube™integration makes finding and including inspiring viseo content on any page a snap.

  • Point and click interface, no code to copy
  • Easy search, find and preview of videos
  • Customize the experience with sizings and settings

The Plaxo™ integration provides a point and click way for constituents to access any of their address books and contact lists, right from the Convio powered website.

  • No need for csv file creation and upload
  • Access all major contact lists, or consolidate using the Plaxo service and just manage one list

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