Social Media Integration

Getting Social with Convio

Is your organization looking to leverage social media networks to connect with your constituents, fundraise, and raise awareness for your cause? Convio provides nonprofits with an integrated solution to implement social sharing functionality for the most popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, AOL, Google, and YouTube.

The ability to listen and create conversations with your constituents via social media platforms can help strengthen your organization's identity and message. Convio makes this process easy, and whether you are just starting to develop your social media strategy or already an expert, Convio has the products and services to help you drive results.

What Convio offers

Social Sharing
With Social Sharing you can add a “share” component to any PageBuilder [or CMS] page and this feature comes pre-configured with the TeamRaiser™ Participant Center. This fully integrated component allows you to track top shared messages, who your top sharers are, and what sites they use to share. Social Sharing supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Yahoo!, and individual email addresses.

Open Authentication
Tired of having to answer “password related” questions by your constituents? Open Authentication allows your constituents to use their preferred social site credentials as a virtual passport to access the secure pages of your Convio-hosted site. Open Authentication supports using credentials from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Yahoo!, AOL, and Google. 

Convio Widgets
Do you have specific calls-to-action that you want to spread across the web as far and wide as possible? With a Convio Widget you can support your advocacy, fundraising, and team events  by creating a custom component that can be placed in any HTML based webpage or email.  

Social Media Strategy
When it comes to developing your social media strategy, the Convio Services team is here to help you. In addition to building successful engagement strategies around the features within the Convio Online Marketing (COM) product suite, we can also provide informed strategies for other third-party tools you are using to power your social media initiatives.

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