Plaxo with TeamRaiser

Convio has integrated the PlaxoTM Address Book Access Widget into the participant center of Convio TeamRaiser, making it easier for participants to import all of their contacts into the TeamRaiser Address Book. The integration is completely within the Convio product and requires no action on the part of the organization. Participants simply choose to import their contacts using the widget and follow the simple instructions provided by Plaxo.

How it works

By integrating the Plaxo Address Book Access Widget with TeamRaiser personal pages, participants can choose to import their address book from any one of Plaxo's address book sync points, including: Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo!, Outlook, Outlook Express, and American Online by simply clicking the button for online import next to their existing TeamRaiser address book entries.  When prompted, participants provide authentication information specific to the requested email service and then choose when email records to import.  After completing the few simple steps the selected list of email addresses is appended to their address book for TeamRaiser event outreach.

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