Syndicated Content with RSS

RSS syndication is available for all Convio CMS and StoryBuilder content, extending the reach of your organization's message to channels otherwise unavailable for your outreach.  By creating an RSS feed and promoting it throughout your web site, visitors can select to capture the feed using their favorite personal RSS aggregator (e.g. Google Reader) or re-post your content on another site (e.g. Facebook). The possibilities are endless.  And, just as the name implies, it's "Really Simple Syndication".

How it works

Convio CMS helps organizations structure their various content into flexible "types".

  • Each content type stores all entries in the CMS database which can be customized based on the specific needs for that type.
  • Display templates are used to manage presentation options for individual pages, as well as, lists of entries per type.
  • Content types utilize categories and filters to help organizations associate common content items together and present relevant web pages to each site visitor.
  • Web site administrators can also create an RSS feed for any content type and insert the link on any page for visitors to consume.
  • Convio CMS RSS Management

Convio CMS RSS Management

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