May/June 2009

Authorization Program Gives Convio Clients Access to More Consistent, High Quality Software and Services through Deeper Partner Relationships

by Fred Waugh, Vice President, Alliances, Convio

There's no question — nonprofits of all sizes are dedicating more dollars and resources to their online efforts. This means that the universe of Convio clients that need support is continuing to grow. To help facilitate this growth and demonstrate our commitment to delivering maximum value, we recently introduced the Convio Solution Provider (CSP) Program.

What's so special about CSPs? To become formally recognized as a CSP, a partner must complete Convio-led education and demonstrate their in-depth product knowledge by passing tests for the software products they intend to service. So, partners who earn this designation have the proven expertise to provide high-quality, consistent service and support around strategy and deployment of Convio software. It’s peace of mind for Convio clients that when they work with a CSP, they’re working with a firm who’s knowledgeable about the products they’ve invested in.

CSPs can be authorized on Convio Online Marketing products, Common Ground™ CRM, or both. Five companies focused on the nonprofit sector — Cathexis Partners, Causeway Interactive, Charity Dynamics, Event360, and Firefly Partners  — are charter members of the CSP program specializing in Convio Online Marketing products.

“We’re finding that nonprofits are investing more heavily in their online software and services than ever before while demanding choice and flexibility in whom they work with,” said Donna Wilkins, president, Charity Dynamics. ”The authorization program helps us take advantage of this shift by giving us greater expertise around Convio’s tools and the techniques that will make our clients even more successful online. It is clear to us, our clients, and the sector that Convio cares about our mutual success.”

The following partners are authorized on the Common Ground product: ACF Solutions, Astadia, Heller Consulting, Idealist Consulting, NFP Technologies, and NPower.

“Our clients appreciate that we’re an authorized Solution Partner on Common Ground,” said Keith Heller, principal of Heller Consulting. “It gives clients peace of mind to know we’ve been formally trained and have access to the same information and updates that the Convio staff has. For us, authorization provides an opportunity to grow our business as Convio’s expanding base of clients choose the best partners for their needs. In the end, everyone wins.”

Convio clients recognize the value of the CSP program because it allows them to choose from a community of trusted partners that provide strategy, post-deployment services and consulting.

“Being able to choose from a group of authorized partners gives nonprofits the flexibility they need to work with strategy and technology providers that best meet their needs and interests,” explained Dave Smith, executive director for The Hill Country Ride for AIDS. “Not only can we get the Convio product expertise that we require, we also can leverage the openness of today's ideas, applications and technologies without being locked into a single vendor or approach.”

We're excited about this new program because it promises to be a win-win-win for Convio, Convio clients, and Convio partners. Want to learn more? Please visit www.convio.com/partners

A short video explaining the program is available at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhAPJwkCkj4

Authorization Program Gives Convio Clients Access to More Consistent, High Quality Software and Services through Deeper Partner Relationships | Convio