Riverwalk Jazz Uses Convio to Expand Promotion, Interest and Preservation of Classic Jazz

Convio Online Marketing Applications Help Reach, Inspire and Retain Listeners; Drive Increased Donations to Support Mission

Riverwalk Jazz and Convio, Inc. announced today at the Public Radio Development and Marketing Conference announced that within the first year of using Convio as a strategic Internet partner, the nonprofit organization has successfully expanded http://www.riverwalkjazz.org/ as a strategic venue to educate audiences around the world to the value and excitement of the American art form — Classic Jazz. Using Convio Software as a Service (SaaS) applications to deliver enewsletters, provide jazz content for radio station Web sites, highlight upcoming and past broadcasts, offer an online Listening Room as well as expand online support materials for station fundraising, Riverwalk Jazz has measured increases in subscribers, listeners and supporters.

"As an independent producer, Convio's applications and support have helped us 'super serve' stations, and create ambitious marketing activities that are typically reserved for the large networks," said Margaret Pick, Executive Producer for Riverwalk Jazz. "The combination of the Convio applications, a strong strategy and engaged constituents have allowed us to create campaigns that have grown virally helping us reach and connect with audiences and our affiliate stations like never before."

Some of the most successful aspects of the campaign come from the "Tell-a-Friend" option for the online newsletters, Jazz Notes Weekly and Jazz Me News.  Each month, thousands of subscribers forward the newsletters to a friend. Once their friends received the newsletter open rates have remained steady at nearly 45 percent and 35 percent respectively. In addition to raising awareness, this has helped generate online donations from listeners of the weekly broadcast stream and support from as far away as the Middle East. The average initial online gift is approximately $90.

"We are excited that the quality of information we are able to provide is at the level that people are willing to share it with friends and family," added Pick. "Our supporters and fans are helping us fulfill our mission by enabling us to get to audiences that we could never reach on our own. Since the initial email is sent from a trusted friend, we are a step ahead in building the relationship with the new person, thus strengthening their understanding and commitment to Riverwalk Jazz.

Another showcase of the Convio-based outreach has been the Riverwalk Jazz Backstage Pass (http://www.riverwalkjazz.org/pribackstage). Backstage pass is specifically designed to support stations' audience engagement and growth. Backstage Pass provides affiliate stations with weekly jazz content for their station websites, creates the ability to request special promotions, as well as offers bonus premiums and support for station fundraising. The site also gives affiliate stations the ability to highlight upcoming programs, special guests and broadcast recording events.

"Our new Web site allows us to reach young people with the story of Classic Jazz and provide them with an online experience that matches their expectations and needs, having grown up with technology," explained Pick. "With Convio we have set the foundation for truly using the Internet to reach, engage and retain people of all ages so that we preserve this wonderful art form for future generations."

About Riverwalk Jazz

Riverwalk Jazz is a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to present, promote and preserve Classic Jazz through national and international radio broadcasts, live music performances and jazz education for young people.  Riverwalk Jazz educates audiences around the world to the value and excitement of the American art form-Classic Jazz. For more information visit http://www.riverwalkjazz.org/.

About Convio

Convio is a leading provider of software and services to help nonprofits use the Internet strategically to build strong relationships with constituents for driving fundraising, advocacy and other forms of support. Convio has online solutions for fundraising, advocacy, Web content management, event fundraising, ecommerce and email communications. All solutions include the Constituent360™ platform, a sophisticated, online marketing database that centralizes constituent data and integrates with offline databases.

Convio's clients include American Red Cross, American Diabetes Association, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, AVON Foundation, Easter Seals, National Association of REALTORS®, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Sierra Club, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, and Thirteen/WNET New York. For more information, please visit www.convio.com.

Press Contact:
Karoline McLaughlin
Director, Corporate Communications
Convio, Inc.

Riverwalk Jazz Uses Convio to Expand Promotion, Interest and Preservation of Classic Jazz | Convio