Physicians for Social Responsibility Uses Leading Technology to Launch New Websites at the National and State Level

Online Tools Give Supporters a Consistent User Experience Across State Chapters and Reinforce the Organization's Brand and Mission

 Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR), a nonprofit organization working to eliminate the gravest threats to human health and survival, announced today the introduction of a new website at www.psr.org that provides visitors with dynamic content about the organization’s numerous advocacy and fundraising initiatives, along with the option to visit the website of a nearby PSR chapter that focuses on local issues. 

“As the Internet has become increasingly important to our supporters nationwide, we realized that we needed a content management system (CMS) that integrated our website with our online fundraising and advocacy efforts at both the national and chapter  level,” said Dr. Peter Wilk, Executive Director for Physicians for Social Responsibility. “Today we have a modern content management system that was designed specifically for the unique needs of nonprofits. It preserves our brand across chapters, provides visitors with a compelling experience and allows us to easily share the latest news and relevant stories with our chapters .”

The new PSR website offers supporters and other visitors a more dynamic, effective and professional design. The site includes a new blog with content tagged by category, making it easy for visitors to search for topics of interest. Opportunities to take action and/or make a donation are now clearly promoted on the site's homepage, and the addition of compelling images helps to convey the issues that lie at the heart of the organization's mission — eliminating  nuclear weapons , addressing environmental health issues, and promoting safe energy. PSR selected Convio CMS to power their new website, in part because it was designed for the unique needs of nonprofit organizations while meeting the high expectations of today’s Internet constituent.

“As the leader of the new website initiative, I was committed to designing a layout that gives visitors a seamless experience, regardless of whether they are visiting national's website or one of the chapter's,” said Oneida Khalsa, Director of Finance and Administration for PSR. “By working closely and collaboratively with the Convio team, we have successfully created an engaging online experience for our supporters. The final result is even better than what I originally envisioned. We have streamlined our content sharing and created a uniform website structure at all levels of our organization.”

Hilary Shore, director, technical and design services for Convio added, “by syndicating and sharing content across all of the organization's chapters, PSR is more efficiently and effectively sharing information and engaging people in their cause. The modular layout gives individual chapters the option to customize certain aspects of the website content, such as navigation text, but leaves national with ultimate control over the structure and presentation of information. Now, each chapter's website mirrors the national website in layout and look and feel. PSR is showing other nonprofits with affiliates that it is possible to empower individual chapters in a controlled and consistent fashion that reinforces the national organization's brand and mission.”

The site’s redesigned front-end is integrated with the Convio CMS, a full-featured content management system for organizations with advanced website needs and multiple content contributors. The software provides a web content platform that combines content types and content relationships and integrates with Convio’s email marketing, fundraising and advocacy platform also used by the organization. The Convio system is provided through the Software-as-a-Service model offering a highly-scalable system that is available to PSR’s staff anytime, anywhere with little to no capital expenditure.

For more information on Convio visit www.convio.com 

About Physicians for Social Responsibility
Physicians for Social Responsibility is the medical and public health voice working to prevent the use or spread of nuclear weapons, to regulate greenhouse gases in order to prevent the most catastrophic impacts from global warming and to end the toxic degradation of the environment. PSR's website is www.psr.org.

Press Contact:
Karoline McLaughlin
Director, Corporate Communications
Convio, Inc.

Physicians for Social Responsibility Uses Leading Technology to Launch New Websites at the National and State Level | Convio