People, Nonprofits, Convio and Technology Come Together to Raise More than $250 Million for Haiti Relief Efforts

Following the tragic earthquake that devastated Haiti, people and nonprofits have connected through technology to support the Haitian relief efforts. Buoyed by the ability to use the Internet to communicate quickly and effectively, nonprofits of all sizes used Convio’s online software to create Haiti-specific fundraising campaigns that reached millions of donors and raised more than $250 million for relief to victims in the first three weeks after the quake. According to the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University, the amount raised or pledged for Haitian relief efforts, including corporate donations during that period was $575.4 million.

In the three days immediately following the Haitian earthquake, Convio’s clients combined to raise an average of $32 million dollars a day. During the most active hour these organizations used Convio software to send millions of email communications, raise over $2 million and maintain websites communicating the need and how the organizations were responding. The previous peak day for Convio online fundraising was December 31, 2009, when Convio’s almost 1,300 clients raised more than $19 million in a 24 hour period.

American Red Cross

“The American Red Cross was able to communicate the need within hours of the earthquake, accept donations at a record-setting pace and get staff and materials to the people of Haiti,” said Jeff Towers, chief development officer of the American Red Cross (www.redcross.org). “Online technology is important to be able to communicate the impact that the gifts of donors have. It also is vital to building long-term relationships that can help sustain our work in Haiti while also helping to fund programs that enable us be even better prepared when the Red Cross is needed either around the globe or in communities across the U.S.”

Free the Kids

Free the Kids, a volunteer-driven nonprofit which runs an orphanage in Haiti that was damaged by the earthquake raised more than $250,000 in the first two weeks following the quake through the use of email to supporters and empowering them to help tell their story via social media such as Twitter. With more than 600 children at risk, it was critical that the organization tell their story and empower supporters to help reach and inspire even more people to support the orphans they serve.

“Last year was our first to execute online fundraising through the Convio Go! program and we have been extremely pleased with the results and partnership with Convio,” said Jami Vass, Executive Director for Free the Kids (www.freethekids.org). “Our Convio consultants stressed the importance of building a network of constituents in addition to having online fundraising success. In addition to raising more than $160,000 online in our first year, we saw a 120 percent increase in people interested in learning more about our organization. When the disaster in Haiti struck, the Convio team immediately helped us get an email out to our supporters and share our organization’s needs via social media such as Facebook and Twitter. When author Neil Gaiman re-tweeted about the plight of our children our web traffic, donations and the number of people who provided their email address to learn more skyrocketed.”

Haitian Relief Efforts Continue

Approximately 70 nonprofit organizations powered by Convio continue to raise funds and provide needed services for the people of Haiti. Convio has developed a list of organizations at Connection Café the company’s blog: www.connectioncafe.com. To add your organization to the list contact blog@convio.com

“The tragedy that has struck Haiti not only showcases the important role nonprofit organizations play in our society and world , but the importance of individuals in providing financial support for these organizations,” said Gene Austin, CEO of Convio. “While online communication and fundraising have become a staple for nonprofits of all sizes, the velocity and volume of funds they are able to raise and ability to communicate through email has made online the primary channel for outreach. The power of integration with social media and mobile technologies is creating even more opportunity for organizations to reach, inspire and move people to support this important sector.

It has been a heartwarming experience to see our team work around the clock to support the philanthropic outpouring taking place; to see them give their own time, talent and money to help organizations succeed; and, watch their commitment to providing our clients with the innovative online solutions needed to raise funds, manage relationships and communicate quickly and effectively.”

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People, Nonprofits, Convio and Technology Come Together to Raise More than $250 Million for Haiti Relief Efforts | Convio