Convio's Next-Generation Web Content Management System Helps Nonprofits Elevate Online Presence

Integration with Convio eCRM, advanced capabilities raise relationships to new levels

Convio, Inc. — a trusted partner that leads the way in helping nonprofits strategically use the Internet to achieve extraordinary results — today announced Convio Content Management (Convio CMS) — the next generation Web content management system that meets the diverse needs of the nations' nonprofit community. Designed to scale to the needs of even the largest nonprofits, Convio CMS offers a full-featured and highly customizable content management system that meets the needs and requirements of technology managers while simplifying the publication of content for non-technical contributors and constituents. Developed from a mature and proven platform, Convio CMS integrates with Convio's online constituent relationship management (eCRM) suite to boost an organization's effectiveness and efficiency in driving stronger online relationships with supporters.

"Convio CMS combines the functionality of commercial content management systems with features designed for the unique needs of nonprofit organizations," said Tom Krackeler, Vice President, Product Management for Convio, Inc. "Developed for the increasingly sophisticated nonprofit, Convio CMS offers the scalability to meet an organization's unique and evolving needs. Its tight integration with Convio's online marketing solutions gives organizations the ability to fully leverage the Internet for relationship management, fundraising, and advocacy."

Meeting the content management challenge

As nonprofit organizations increasingly provide information online for donors, advocates, program recipients, volunteers, staff and other constituents, they must manage an ever-increasing volume of electronic content. They must also provide tools that can be easily used by different departments and individuals. Convio CMS manages contributed content from non-technical staff or constituents and supports structured publication and display using customized filters and presentation templates. For instance, development, marketing or public affairs staff can create and post content using pre-approved templates and quality control workflow approval systems without engaging technical staff for publication.

Deepening constituent relationships

Convio CMS can be used to provide a personalized online experience that deepens an organization's engagement with volunteers, donors, activists and prospects. This creates a more personalized experience by offering additional information to the Web site visitor based on a combination of the individual's interests, past engagement and the organizations needs or goals. By integrating Convio CMS with Convio's eCRM suite, nonprofits can meet the growing desire of potential donors and advocates for a more sophisticated, "Amazon.com-like" experience by tying the visitors volunteer, advocacy and donor interests to the content and interaction opportunities they see each time they visit the organizations site. Using Convio CMS in conjunction with Convio's eCRM solutions, organizations can automatically display information about a specific campaign to relevant donors, securely display giving history, or automatically promote advocacy alerts to specific constituents.

"After considering other CMS solutions, we selected Convio for its sophisticated feature set," said Geoff Handy, Director of eCommunity, The Humane Society of the United States. "Convio's platform and hosted application model removes the technical challenges so staff can focus on our mission not technology - yet still advance our online advocacy and fundraising goals."

Combined with Convio's eCRM system, Convio CMS will unify people, content and processes to grow and expand relationships and drive online marketing results. Convio's integrated system reduces costs and creates efficiencies so that nonprofits focus more resources on fulfilling their mission.

Convio CMS feature highlights:

  • Structured content with flexible presentation templates that provide site administrators with control over the display of content.
  • Folder-based content organization for simplified administration and asset management.
  • Automatic versioning of content for quick rollback or comparison.
  • Custom approval flows designed to support each organizations unique quality control process.
  • Fully qualified URLs for better search engine optimization and visitor experience.
  • RSS, Atom content syndication to extend content beyond the browser.
  • Dynamic eCRM campaign integration to present current and related engagement opportunities.
  • Consistent content categorization and taxonomy to help organize content and support content relationships.

About Convio

Convio is a leading provider of software and services to help nonprofits use the Internet strategically to build strong relationships with constituents for driving fundraising, advocacy and other forms of support. Convio has online solutions for fundraising, advocacy, Web content management, event fundraising, ecommerce and email communications. All solutions include the Constituent360™ platform, a sophisticated, online marketing database that centralizes constituent data and integrates with offline databases.

Convio's clients include American Red Cross, American Diabetes Association, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, AVON Foundation, Easter Seals, National Association of REALTORS®, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Sierra Club, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, and Thirteen/WNET New York. For more information, please visit www.convio.com.

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