Convio Launches Common Ground Social

Power of peer-to-peer fundraising coupled with broad reach of social media allows nonprofits and individual supporters to leverage Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks as a donation channel with simple click of a button

Convio, Inc. (NASDAQ: CNVO) announced today Common Ground Social. Common Ground Social is a complete, fully-integrated social fundraising solution for nonprofits and their supporters. Common Ground Social allows organizations and individuals to leverage the power of peer-to-peer networks by empowering users to create and share personalized fundraising pages through different social networks with the simple click of a button, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Fundraising activities are then seamlessly shared with Common Ground CRM™ — Convio’s simple, easy-to-use database — allowing organizations to quickly and easily capture all donor information

All Hands Volunteers is using Common Ground Social to help drive fundraising efforts for a reconstruction project in Haiti.

“Common Ground Social is one of the cleanest designed social online fundraising solutions I have seen,” said Andrew Kerr, development manager for All Hands Volunteers. “It gives us the ability to fully brand our organization and control the message; it is simple to use from an administration perspective as well as from the individual fundraiser’s point of view. The seamless integration with our Common Ground database is fantastic. It eliminates the process of manually entering donations like we had to do with our previous online fundraising portal—that alone will save my development staff several hours a week.”

Common Ground Social enables nonprofits to turn their supporters loose in the digital world to share their passion and excitement for an organization’s mission with family, friends and co-workers via a very straightforward, easy-to-set-up interface requiring no technical expertise.

Key features of Common Ground Social include (for both nonprofits and their supporters):

  • Simple, Streamlined Interface: Supporters can register, personalize, and share a unique fundraising page in three easy steps. Common Ground is simple for a nonprofit to set up and run.
  • Built Into Common Ground CRM: Nonprofits can track and interact directly with fundraisers and everyone who supports their cause — all from Common Ground CRM donor database.
  • One-Click Social Sharing: Peer interaction and donations are built into the solution. After creating a personal fundraising page, donors need to only click a button to share with their personal Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn networks. With millions of users spending time on these sites daily, the one-click-sharing provides organizations, and their causes, unparalleled exposure.
  • Automatic Relationship Tracking: Common Ground Social and Common Ground CRM automatically create relationships and connections between fundraisers and donors.
  • Data Flows Seamlessly: When a donation comes in through Common Ground Social, information about the donor and their gift shows up automatically in the Common Ground CRM database. No importing or exporting needed.
  • Control The Message: Default boilerplates and coaching tips help to ensure success.

“Being able to leverage the power of social networks is critical for any nonprofit,” said Tom Krackeler, vice president of Common Ground at Convio. “There are certainly many products on the market that play that role, but none that provide one-click social network sharing capabilities for individuals as well as the the full integration into a donor database that allows nonprofits to develop lasting relationships with donors like Common Ground Social does. We feel this is a game changer for the nonprofit sector in terms of empowering supporters to truly engage with the nonprofits they support in a very meaningful way.”

Fight Coloractal Cancer uses Common Ground Social as an integral aspect of its Bowling for Butts campaign.

The Power of Social Media
Half the U.S. population is on Facebook, and one in ten share their lives on Twitter. According to Convio’s Next Generation of American Giving study, peer-to-peer fundraising is the preferred solicitation method across all generations.

See Common Ground Social in action:
To learn more about Common Ground Social and to see a video demonstration, go to: www.convio.com/cgsocial

About Convio
Convio is a leading provider of on-demand constituent engagement solutions that enable nonprofit organizations to maximize the value of every relationship. With Convio constituent engagement solutions, nonprofits can more effectively raise funds, advocate for change and cultivate relationships with donors, activists, volunteers, event participants, alumni and other constituents. Convio offers two open, cloud-based constituent engagement solutions: Convio Common Ground CRM™ for small- and mid-sized nonprofits and Convio Luminate™ for enterprise nonprofits. Headquartered in Austin, Texas with offices across the United States and United Kingdom, Convio serves more than 1,500 nonprofit organizations globally. Convio is listed on the NASDAQ Global Market under the symbol CNVO.

For more information: www.convio.com


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