Convio Introduces Go!™ to Help Nonprofits Get Started Online

Combination of Expert Coaching, Shared Practices, and a Guided Approach to using Convio Software, Helps Organizations Build Expertise, Drive Results Online

Convio, Inc. today announced the general availability of a new program called Convio Go!™ designed to help resource-constrained nonprofits achieve online fundraising and outreach success, allowing staff to focus their efforts and expertise on programs and services.

This program is specifically designed for organizations that know they need a strong online presence but have been anxious about their knowledge-level, ability to use new technology, and the costs associated with embracing online marketing. Convio Go! combines a mix of software and services with a guided approach to help clients grow their email lists, launch fundraising campaigns, and maintain regular communications with constituents.

"Executives from many organizations have told us that they see the results that Convio clients are having on the Internet and want to share in that success, but have been reluctant to invest because they have not felt confident they had the technology resources, technical savvy or marketing strategies to use the tools effectively," said Gene Austin, CEO of Convio. "Convio Go! addresses their concerns by offering a lower-priced subset of our full suite, with a prescriptive set of services and practices that help ensure the organization achieves results."

The Convio Go! program offering includes:

  • Results-focused constituent marketing. Convio's account service professionals work with clients as a "virtual campaign and technology staff" to execute and measure results-oriented, marketing campaigns.
  • Collaborative peer interaction. Convio Go! clients participate in quarterly consultant-led, peer-group calls to learn key practices, review results, share lessons learned and build in-house knowledge.
  • Coaching. Intensive coaching on proven practices to ensure that clients can be successful on their own when they graduate after one year in the program.
  • Refined deployment process. Convio Go! clients benefit from a simplified deployment process that is a repeatable, successful approach, refined over the last several years by working with thousands of nonprofit organizations of every size.  

"As a small nonprofit we know that the Internet is the best way to build community and connect people with our mission," said Cristy Balcells, Executive Director of Mitochondrial Disease Action Committee (Mito Action). "Convio Go! provides us with not only world-class tools at a reasonable price, but we have a virtual team to support our online success, access to a community of peers to share ideas and solve problems, and the ability to grow into the full Convio solution."

Mito Action has joined with close to a dozen other organizations to pilot the Convio Go! program through the first quarter of 2008. Convio Go! is now generally available to qualifying organizations.

"Organizations are nervous about buying software that they might not have the time and in-house knowledge to use effectively, and sophisticated online marketing solutions can sometimes be intimidating," added Christine Weinheimer of The Yellowstone Park Foundation. "The highly-structured, best-practices approach of the Convio Go! program gives us the confidence we need to make this key investment. The whole premise of the program is a detailed, proven plan with expert assistance in executing this plan. This low-risk approach is very appealing."

For more information on Convio Go! visit www.convio.com/go.

About Convio

Convio is a leading provider of on-demand constituent relationship management software and services to nonprofit organizations to enable nonprofit organizations to more effectively raise funds, influence public policy and support their missions by leveraging the Internet to build strong relationships with constituents. The Company’s online constituent relationship management, or eCRM, solution includes a suite of on-demand software modules for fundraising, advocacy, email marketing and Web content management complemented by a portfolio of best-in-class consulting services.

Convio's clients include American Red Cross, American Diabetes Association, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Sierra Club, Susan G. Komen Foundation, and National Public Radio. For more information, please visit www.convio.com.

Press Contact:
Karoline McLaughlin
Director, Corporate Communications
Convio, Inc.

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