Convio Common Ground Simplifies Donor, Volunteer and Event Management for Nonprofits

More than 100 Charities Adopt Common Ground to Replace Traditional Donor Databases in First Nine Months of Availability

Convio today announced the newest version of Common Ground™ CRM the company’s innovative software that allows nonprofits to manage all the relationships needed to fulfill their mission. In addition to exceptional donor management features and functionality, the new version of Common Ground adds volunteer and event management capabilities. Easy to buy, own and maintain, 100 charities have chosen Common Ground to replace their traditional donor database since being introduced late last year.

New feature highlights:

Event Management

  • Track detailed event information – Such as date, time, location and capacity for every event, whether a gala or participation event (e.g. Golf Tournament). 
  • Multiple attendee and sponsorship levels – Offer multiple ticket and sponsorship levels for purchase based on the benefits you choose to include. 
  • Expense and in-kind gift tracking – Track all associated expenses, related vendors and  in-kind gifts and services.
  • Create teams – Assign start times, starting holes and carts, track overall scores and other team event needs.

Volunteer Management

  • Track individual availability & skills
  • Participation track and reporting on participation and hours
  • Find available & qualified volunteers
  • Manage shift registrations & attendance
  • Integration with donor management

Common Ground offers new features to better manage duplicate records, create multi-purpose mail merge documents, track constituent interests and better manage major donors, pledge commitments and household salutations.

Designed to be simple and flexible, Common Ground is customizable via clicks not code. This allows organizations to customize the software to fit business processes and the way nonprofits work rather than change the organization’s procedures to fit the software. Provided via the Internet, Common Ground delivers the innovation and new features without the costs and hassles of upgrades that organizations experience with traditional software. Built and delivered on the Force.com Platform from Salesforce.com, Common Ground easily integrates with other open systems including Convio’s online marketing suite. Common Ground allows nonprofits to focus on their mission, fundraising, and communications results instead of managing and maintaining software and technology infrastructure.

Supporting Quotes:
"Previously, we had to use multiple databases and spreadsheets in our efforts to manage all of our relationships," said Alan Graham, President and Founder, Mobile Loaves and Fishes. "We had donors in one system, volunteers in another and event attendees in another with limited to no integration between them and our online systems. With all of our supporters in Common Ground we are not only building stronger relationships, we’re able to operate more efficiently and better manage the people and resources necessary to fulfill our mission."

"Nonprofit organizations and the consultants that support them will be very happy with Common Ground," said Keith Heller, Principal, Heller Consulting. "Since Common Ground was designed to fit the way nonprofits work we spend more time providing high-level consulting and service rather than fixing software."

"The movement behind Common Ground is a testament to the fact that "donor management" is no longer enough for today’s nonprofit." said Gene Austin, CEO, Convio. "Nonprofits of all sizes have spawned relationships from the web, direct marketing, one to one interaction and other channels. Designed  to allow organizations to manage each relationship more effectively. Common Ground is outstanding at donor management and much, much more."

"Harnessing the power of cloud computing, to give people what they want and need is providing a better, more efficient way to build and manage donor, volunteer and other constituent relationships," said Tom Krackeler, vice president, Common Ground CRM for Convio. "Common Ground takes the data from all of an organization’s departments and makes it work together so that nonprofit professionals can better utilize people, time and funds to grow the community impact of their mission."

"When people realize the true cost of their legacy donor database, Common Ground becomes a welcomed change," added Tom Krackeler, vice president, Common Ground CRM for Convio. "Nonprofits no longer pay to store and maintain information; they use technology to build relationships, manage resources and move people in ways that change the world."

Some Common Ground clients:
National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Susan G. Komen for the Cure®, Mobile Loaves and Fishes, Wildlife Alliance, Colorectal Cancer Coalition, Acumen Fund, Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Monica, Youth Villages, Kansas Action for Children and Indianapolis Humane Society.
Videos, Product Demonstrations, Images and Additional Information: www.convio.com/cg2

About Convio
Convio is the leading provider of online marketing, fundraising, advocacy and constituent relationship management software and services to nonprofit organizations. The company’s online marketing suite offers integrated software for fundraising, advocacy, events, email marketing and web content management, and its database system, Convio Common Ground™ CRM, helps organizations efficiently track and manage all interactions with supporters. All products are delivered through the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model and are backed by a portfolio of best-in-class consulting and support services and a network of partners who provide value-added services and applications focused on the unique needs of nonprofit organizations. For more information, please visit www.convio.com

Press Contact:
Karoline McLaughlin
Director, Corporate Communications
Convio, Inc.

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