Convio CEO Shares Nonprofit Technology Insight at Summit 2008

Nonprofit professionals, service providers and technology partners gather to share ideas, lessons learned and results in the movement to use technology to engage supporters and change the world.

In his Summit 2008 Keynote Address, Gene Austin, Convio chief executive officer, spoke to more than 800 nonprofit professionals, service providers and technology partners about how the Internet has moved beyond a communication channel becoming the most cost-effective and flexible way for nonprofits to use technology to more efficiently and effectively reach and inspire people as well as manage their organizations. Austin shared insight into Convio’s clients’ success in the movement to use technology to bring people into greater levels of engagement. He also spoke about the rapid development of technology, social media and how adoption of open technologies, the Software-as-a-Service model and innovation are helping nonprofits focus on their mission rather than technology infrastructure.

During his presentation, Austin shared his insight into the changing landscape of nonprofit technology and the success that Convio clients continue to have. Ubiquitous applications such as Facebook and YouTube that did not exist just five short years ago have enabled nonprofits to reach, engage and inspire more people than ever. He shared how a number of clients have used these applications with Convio’s online applications to reach more people and achieve their fundraising goals. Austin spoke about the rate of innovation in the world around us and how nonprofits have started a movement around the SaaS-model and open platforms that are changing the way people and organizations connect. He also shared research that indicates that even during the difficult economy nonprofits and consumers are aligning around the Internet as the most efficient channel for raising funds and creating new relationships.

“When you realize the changes in technology over the past five years it is clear that nonprofits need to be agile, social and connected if they expect to mobilize and inspire people and achieve their mission,” said Austin. “Online communication, fundraising, advocacy and marketing continue to be the growth engine for many nonprofit organizations. Beyond a communications channel the Internet and SaaS model is the most cost-effective and flexible way for nonprofits to use technology to manage people and turn ideas into actions that support their mission.”

Addressing the audience, Austin shared how Convio’s clients have reached and engaged new constituents through organizing campaigns that leverage the collaborative nature of the Internet, by focusing on a compelling user experience and integrating online and offline channels. He also shared how the company’s new SaaS-based constituent relationship management system, Common Ground™ makes it easier to manage relationships and resources.

“As we share ideas, insight and success during Summit 2008, we come face to face with our dreams and face to face with reality,” Austin said. “The economy and technology are changing the way nonprofits operate. Now is the time to make sure your investments in people, resources and technology prepare you for success, prepare you for the world of social media and the anytime, anywhere constituent – prepare you for the future, while letting you keep your focus on your mission today.

Embracing open technologies provides freedom and flexibility to organizations allowing them to choose the best software for their unique needs and tie together everyday applications like Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and Google Maps to extend the horizons of the organization,” explained Austin. “Today, nonprofits have to reach and engage constituents that are ‘un-tethered’ from traditional channels. Supporters expect to connect with nonprofits through multiple, integrated channels, when, where and how they want, not just the way the organization prefers. The good news is technology is making that engagement easier while creating brand ambassadors for organizations. Today’s most successful nonprofits are using technology to empower constituents to work for and with them to be more successful as well as operate more efficiently and effectively.”

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Video highlights and a PDFof Austin’s presentation are available for the media, social media and broadcast outlets at www.convio.com/keynote08.

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Convio is the leading provider of on-demand constituent relationship management (CRM) software and services that give nonprofit organizations a better way to inspire and mobilize people to support their organization. The company’s online marketing suite offers integrated software for fundraising, advocacy, events, email marketing and web content management, and its CRM system, Convio Common Ground™, helps organizations efficiently track and manage all interactions with supporters. All Convio products are delivered through the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model and are backed by a portfolio of best-in-class consulting and support services and a network of partners who provide value-added services and applications focused on the unique needs of nonprofit organizations.  

Convio clients include nonprofit organizations, Institutions of Higher Education, Associations and Faith-based organizations around the world such as American Red Cross, American Diabetes Association, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Humane Society of the United States, Easter Seals, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Susan G. Komen for the Cure®, Sierra Club, and National Public Radio. For more information, please visit www.convio.com

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