Convio, Inc. and Target Software, Inc. Partner to Enable Integrated Fundraising for Nonprofits

Joint Customers Can Integrate Online and Offline Donor Data to Drive More Effective Campaigns

Convio, Inc. and Target Software, Inc. — leading providers of Internet marketing and donor management solutions for nonprofits — today announced a joint software development and marketing partnership that will enable organizations using both solutions to market and fundraise more effectively.

Convio is the leading provider of software and services to help nonprofits use the Internet strategically to build strong relationships with constituents for driving fundraising, advocacy and other forms of support. Target Software's offering, Team Approach, is the market-leading fundraising and donor management system enabling nonprofits to collect, manage and analyze huge volumes of detailed constituent information for improving development efforts.

Prior to the partnership, Convio and Target collaborated to ensure efficient data exchange between a customer's Convio-powered online database and its Target Team Approach database. Now with the new partnership, customers will experience an even higher level of integration between systems. Benefits include:

  • Near real-time synchronization of online and offline constituent data;
  • Better detection and avoidance of duplicate constituent records;
  • Ability to pass new online data to Team Approach for use in segmentation and analytics;
  • Enhanced capability to conduct targeted online marketing using constituent data collected offline and vice versa; and
  • Reduced need for administrative management of integration processes.

"KCET looks forward to the potential benefits of this partnership between two of our most important marketing partners," said Renée Williams, Vice President of Membership Marketing, KCET Community Television of Southern California. "As an early adopter of Convio's online fundraising technology, we are excited by the fundraising and cultivation opportunities a partnership between Target Software and Convio will offer our organization and other public broadcasters."

Convio and Target serve many of today's largest and most influential charitable organizations, including KCET, numerous other public broadcast stations and groups from virtually all segments of the nonprofit sector. In addition to KCET, mutual clients include Thirteen/WNET New York, KCRW-FM (Santa Monica), HoustonPBS, Oregon Public Broadcasting, American Diabetes Association, Easter Seals, and The Nature Conservancy. Approximately two out of every three membership dollars donated to public broadcast organizations are managed in Team Approach systems, and many of the nations largest 100 nonprofit organizations use Team Approach to reach their fundraising goals.

"The Convio-Target partnership is an important advancement for the nonprofit sector because it will bring about a step change in how Convio's and Target's powerful products communicate with and complement one another," said Gene Austin, CEO, Convio, Inc. "That step change means that nonprofits using both companies' solutions will be able to integrate a lot more information about constituents and have a complete view of their motivations, giving history and other forms of involvement. That intelligence, in turn, enables client nonprofits to develop highly targeted, more impactful marketing and fundraising campaigns."

Convio and Target will use Web services technology to provide timely data exchange. Web services allow for different software applications to communicate with one another using standard Internet protocols. Because they work using widely accepted technologies and are governed by commonly adopted standards, Web services have emerged as the integration method of choice for commercial software applications. Leading software products such as Salesforce.com rely heavily on Web services for integration with other products. Convio and Target are the first companies serving the nonprofit market to use these techniques to integrate products for the customer's benefit.

"A vast majority of our clients are now engaged in sophisticated online marketing, so we're embarking upon this partnership to enable stronger data integration and more integrated marketing across channels," said Chuck Longfield, CEO and Founder, Target Software, Inc. "We partnered with Convio because the company has the strongest integration to Team Approach today and a commitment to serving the nonprofit sector that is compatible with the goals of Target Software."

About Target Software, Inc.

Target Software offers a robust, sophisticated, and integrated fundraising application for large not-for-profit organizations. Company founders combined decades of experience in the fundraising software industry to build a powerful software solution that meets the needs of demanding nonprofit professionals. Target's product, Team Approach, is the result of years of intensive design in collaboration with leading fundraisers. Target continues to invest substantial resources each year to improve the capability, security, and efficiency of Team Approach. Enhancements and refinements to the application have not only raised the bar for software performance, but have also changed the way fundraisers utilize software to set new standards for donor relationship management. Target now offers a hosted version of Team Approach so resource-constrained nonprofits can easily implement advanced fundraising practices.

In addition to dozens of public broadcasting stations, some of the many organizations working with Target include Alzheimer's Association, American Red Cross, Arthritis Foundation, Doctors Without Borders, Earthjustice, Greenpeace USA, Habitat for Humanity International, Southern Poverty Law Center, Special Olympics, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, The Wilderness Society, and U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. For more information, please visit http://www.targetsite.com/.

About Convio, Inc.

Convio is the leading provider of software and services to help nonprofits use the Internet strategically to build strong relationships with constituents for driving fundraising, advocacy and other forms of support. Convio has online solutions for fundraising, advocacy, Web content management, event fundraising, ecommerce and email communications. All solutions include the Constituent360™ platform, a sophisticated, online marketing database that centralizes constituent data and integrates with offline databases.

In addition to KCET, American Diabetes Association and the other nonprofits listed above as mutual customers with Target, Convio works with American Red Cross, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Audubon Nature Institute, Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Feed the Children, Georgetown University, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, National Trust for Historic Preservation, Ronald McDonald House Charities and The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. For more information, please visit www.convio.com.

Press Contact:
Karoline McLaughlin
Director, Corporate Communications
Convio, Inc.

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