Convio and MPower Partner to Help Nonprofits Easily Integrate Online and Offline Constituent Data for Optimizing Fundraising, Marketing and Communications

Convio, Inc. and MPower today announced the availability of the Convio/MPower Database Connector for integrating Convio’s online constituent relationship management (eCRM) suite and content management system (CMS) with MPower’s offline donor management solution. 

With the connector, nonprofits can now achieve near real-time, bi-directional integration of constituent data in their online Convio and offline MPower databases. This integration enables organizations to conduct more effective fundraising and marketing campaigns because it affords a complete view of constituents who today interact through more channels that ever. These channels include direct mail, television, radio, online, telephone, events, personal contact, newsletters, subscriptions, and more.

MPower provides open, flexible and powerful software, specifically designed for nonprofits, for offline constituent relationship management (CRM). Hundreds of nonprofits, including leading direct marketers, rely on the MPower solution to: 1) consolidate constituent data from all online and offline channels; and 2) segment that data with the highest degree of precision possible using the company’s powerful segmentation engine (capable of more than 500 segmentations). 

“The Convio-MPower integration is the natural progression of Convio’s Open Initiative and MPower’s commitment to open technology approaches for nonprofits,” said Gene Austin, CEO, Convio, Inc. “The new connector lets nonprofits tap the fast-growing online channel without worrying about data integration.  A nonprofit using Convio and MPower now can have an immediate, complete and accurate view of each constituent’s interactions with the organization — which is key for conducting more targeted, effective marketing, fundraising and advocacy in today’s multi-channel world.”

Convio and MPower, a member of Convio’s Fusion Partner program, serve a growing number of common clients. In addition to being able to easily exchange data between their online and offline donor databases, these nonprofits have been able to choose best-of-breed solutions to help them achieve their goals — versus being forced to use a proprietary “all-in-one” system which requires them to make sacrifices.

Nonprofits using Convio and MPower now can:

  • Automatically synchronize constituent data collected in their online and offline CRM systems (donations, contact information updates, participation in events advocacy activities, etc.) eliminating duplicate records and errors due to manual data entry, and reducing administrative burden of and costs for manual integration. 
  • Capture and store that constituent data in a single donor database for an up-to-the-minute, complete history and understanding of each constituent’s interactions with your organization; then, use that knowledge to conduct highly targeted, personalized marketing for appeals and campaigns.
  • Instantly pass new operational data collected online to MPower’s database for timely follow-up and management – for example, tracking ecommerce sales to manage product inventory and capturing recurring online gifts to trigger membership status.
  • Tap popular social networks, such as Facebook, to acquire new prospects and donors, with full confidence that they are automatically added to the MPower database as targets for future online and offline communications. 

“MPower and Convio make it possible for nonprofits like ours to get out of the business of managing technology to ensure data integration,” said Joshua Youssef, Executive Vice President, Leading the Way. “Now we get that integration automatically, along with a holistic view of constituents which lets us communicate with them in more relevant ways, form stronger relationships, and ultimately drive giving and other participation. The Convio-MPower partnership also gives us freedom to pick and integrate the best online and offline applications for our unique needs — versus having to use one vendor’s solution.”

About MPower

Dallas-based MPower provides a full-feature, truly open source CRM software specifically for nonprofits. It is a powerful, multi-channel relationship development solution for charitable groups, providing control, options, flexibility, transparency, and ability to collaborate — all without license fees. MPower enables organizations to manage important daily operations (including donation processing, fulfillment, event and volunteer management, call center activity tracking and major donor relations) and also leverage key constituent data from all channels for marketing that builds strong, lifetime relationships. MPower serves hundreds of nonprofits of all sizes with diverse missions and constituencies, including some of the world’s largest and most sophisticated direct marketers. For more information, please visit www.mpoweropen.com. Press contact Susie Tull, 512.577.2956, susie.tull@mpoweropen.com

About Convio

Convio is a leading provider of on-demand software and services that enable nonprofit organizations to more effectively raise funds, influence public policy and support their missions by leveraging the Internet to build strong relationships with constituents. The Company’s online constituent relationship management, or eCRM, solution includes a suite of on demand software modules for fundraising, advocacy, email marketing and web content management complemented by a portfolio of best-in-class consulting services.

Convio's clients include American Red Cross, American Diabetes Association, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Sierra Club, Susan G. Komen Foundation, and National Public Radio. For more information, please visit www.convio.com.

Press Contact:
Karoline McLaughlin
Director, Corporate Communications
Convio, Inc.

Convio and MPower Partner to Help Nonprofits Easily Integrate Online and Offline Constituent Data for Optimizing Fundraising, Marketing and Communications | Convio