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Convio Innovator Awards 2011: Best Overall Use of Convio

Project on Government Oversight

“Convio is about more than just software. It is about learning and implementing best practices that are proven, and testing new methods to advance our mission.”

Founded in 1981, the Project On Government Oversight (POGO) is a nonpartisan independent watchdog that champions good government reforms. POGO’s investigations into corruption, misconduct, and conflicts of interest achieve a more effective, accountable, open, and ethical federal government.

After attending Convio Summit 2010, POGO’s team members were inspired by what they had seen and heard at the event. They were eager to take what they had learned and use it to enhance the organization’s online efforts and to advance its message and mission.

Challenges, Innovation & Results

POGO faced a myriad of challenges, which spanned a website that was not visually appealing, 800-pages of SEC documents, a hard to manage housefile, and thousands of followers who needed to be engaged and nurtured more effectively and strategically.
POGO partnered with Convio to refresh its homepage design, and collaborated with Firefly Partners to create the SEC Revolving Door database using Convio CMS, leveraged the Convio Facebook API so users can donate or sign-up for emails without leaving Facebook, and used Convio Luminate™ CRM to consolidate all constituent information. To expand its housefile, POGO launched a multi-pronged list building strategy that integrated social media. To nurture new constituents, POGO created a custom welcome series.
  • Increased monthly website visits by 40%.
  • Gained significant public and media attention for the issue of the revolving door at the SEC.
  • Boosted response rates of action alerts (average of 17.33%).
  • Grew housefile from 4,500 to 13,000, including 200 new subscribers who were added via a custom Facebook tab.
  • Engaged new constituents effectively with its customized welcome series.
  • Consolidated 6 spreadsheets by using Convio Luminate CRM bullet

Exemplifying the effective use of Convio constituent engagement solutions and personifying excellence in multi-channel marketing, CRM and fundraising strategy implementation.
Combining online and offline marketing channels and utilizing cross-functional teams to generate awerness and fundraising results
Achieving online success for fundraising, advocacy or email list growth through a single campaign or program as a whole.
Tapping into the power of constituents to raise funds, drive support, and put a face to your organization with Convio's powerful peer-to-peer fundraising solutions.

Integrating social networks, mobile tools and custom applications with Convio to increase engagement opportunities for supporters
Enjoying the full range of Convio Common Ground™ benefits from integration with third-party applications to successful relationship database consolidation.