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Keynote Speaker

Stacy Allison has climbed the world's most famous mountain; now she's helping organizations across the globe scale their own monumental challenges.

Stacy brings a vast range of experiences and knowledge to her energetic and dynamic presentations. She is best known as the First American woman to summit Mt. Everest. She is also president of Stacy Allison General Contracting, a residential building company. She serves on the Board of Trustees of National University and is the Chairperson for The Oregon Lung Association's fundraiser, Reach the Summit. Remarkably, she is also a successful author and committed mother of two.

On speaking at the Convio Summit, Stacy says, "Mt. Everest is one of the most unforgiving environments on Earth. For every three people who reach the summit of Everest, one dies trying. When the challenges are this great and the stakes are this high, each team member plays a critical role, not only in the team's success, but its very survival. Even though you and your associates may not experience arctic temperatures, hurricane force winds, or seemingly bottomless crevasses, most nonprofits face an increasingly competitive marketplace, a more dynamic and demanding donor/customer base, and the challenge of consistently delivering results while balancing expenses, delivery and growth. Just like an expedition, your choice in partners matters. That is why being a part of Convio Summit matters; it is an opportunity to join together with other nonprofit professionals to share ideas, insights and experiences to create new knowledge that will improve operations and fundraising successes. My message of overcoming challenges through focus, teamwork, courage and commitment will assist you to take your organizations, the sector and the people they serve to new heights."

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Executive Leadership Workshop* Keynote Speaker

Leslie Crutchfield is coauthor of the award-winning book Forces for Good: The Six Practices of High-Impact Nonprofits, on how to maximize nonprofit effectiveness. Forces for Good was named one of The Economist’s Best Books of 2007. She speaks on social entrepreneurship and leading effective social change organizations, on high-impact philanthropy and on women’s leadership. In presentations based on Forces for Good and its underlying research, Leslie offers practical guidance on how to improve the effectiveness of your nonprofit.

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*The executive leadership workshop is by invitation only.

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