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eCards: National Relief Charities
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The Client
National Relief Charities (NRC) is a nonprofit dedicated to quality of life for Native Americans living on remote and poverty-stricken reservations in the Plains and Southwest.

The Problem
NRC was eager to spread their dream of stronger, self-sufficient American Indian Communities, but was unsure of the best way to use online tools to accomplish this goal.

How We Solved It
With the help of Convio's Interactive Specialists, NRC was able to leverage online tools to spread their dream. Convio eCards were used to design a rich, interactive experience that allowed users to easily create and share a dreamcatcher with a personalized message. The campaign was used to educate constituents about the meaning and significance behind dreamcatchers. As an incentive, constituents who created a dreamcatcher were entered into a monthly giveaway.

The Outcome
Nearly 7,000 dreamcatcher eCards were sent by constituents, and 400 of the recipients have responded. Additionally, nearly 4,000 constituents have entered the monthly giveaway.

Convio products used: eCards