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The 2009 Call for Presentations is now closed.

To contact us with any questions or ideas about presentations for this year's Summit, please contact us at


Presentation Guidelines for this year's Call for Presentations included: 

• Subject Matter — Our goal is to provide Summit attendees with both fresh ideas and real-world techniques/examples for fundraising, marketing and advocacy using the Internet.

Following are some of the topic areas that we’re interested in:

o Staffing and organizing for success
o Effective Internet strategies for smaller nonprofits
o Multi-channel fundraising
o Creative ideas for fundraising/advocacy/marketing programs
o Techniques for growing advocacy support levels
o New ideas for constituent-led fundraising
o “A-thon” events
o Driving Web traffic
o User experience and information architecture
o Engaging Web sites for conversion
o Email address acquisition
o Viral marketing
o Leveraging social networks
o Online/offline data sharing strategies
o Using ecommerce as a fundraising strategy

• Speakers — Sessions that include Convio client speakers and/or examples are strongly preferred.

• Format — We want to provide attendees with fun, creative and interactive experiences. Think of new ways to present your material that not only step outside of the box, but actually CHANGE the box! Make it a session that you’d want to attend, too.

Some ideas: Game show format; moderator with client/partner panel; 10 ideas you can start using today; audience questions with prizes for the best answer. Use your imagination! Just remember that attendance for each session could be 150+, so don’t count on spending one-on-one time with attendees in your session.

• Length — Each session should be no longer than 1 hour, including Q&A or other audience feedback/participation.

Online registration is closed!
registration rate: $429

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