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Is your traditional donor database a source of constant frustration? If pulling your hair out, visions of throwing your computer out the window, or feelings of helplessness are part of your workday, we’re here to lend a hand.

Many people just like you helped us compile the Top Ten List of What Drives Nonprofits Crazy About Their Donor Databases. Do any of these items sound familiar? Vote for your top donor database frustration, and if you need more of an outlet, leave us a comment below. Save your sanity. Use us as a sounding board!

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Top Ten List: What Drives Nonprofits Crazy About Their Donor Databases

  • You can’t access your data outside of the office
  • Creating or customizing reports is too hard
  • Finding records in the database is not easy
  • Your database and your email don’t talk to each other
  • It’s just too hard to use
  • Reports are not automatically delivered to your inbox
  • There’s no batch entry, so gifts must be entered one at a time
  • It is difficult to create gift acknowledgements in bulk
  • There is no way to customize the data entry forms for different staff
  • Creating custom fields requires advanced technical skills

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