Colorectal Cancer Coalition

"With its database connector to Salesforce.com, Convio has significantly improved C3's ability to manage multi-channel relationships. I no longer spend 10 to 15 hours each week manually importing data. Information is now automatically exchanged daily between the systems, and the integrity of the data is never in question."

- Judi Sohn, Vice President of Operations, Colorectal Cancer Coalition

About Colorectal Cancer Coalition

Colorectal Cancer Coalition's (C3) mission is to win the fight against colorectal cancer through research, empowerment and access. C3 pushes for research to improve screening, diagnosis and treatment of colorectal cancer; for policy decisions that make the most effective colorectal cancer prevention and treatment available to all; and for increased awareness that colorectal cancer is preventable, treatable and beatable.

The challenge

  • Small team of non-technical staff distributed across the country
  • Limited budget and minimal investment in hardware
  • Wanted a 360 degree view of constituents to help deepen understanding of relationships and improve follow-through
  • Had a long-term vision of integrating data between multiple applications that contained constituent data
  • Selected an eCRM vendor, but found it difficult to use, and was frustrated by hidden charges related to accepting donations online
  • Interested in working closely with a vendor that shared its vision, saw its potential, and treated the organization as a partner

The solution

  • After a short, unsuccessful partnership with another eCRM vendor, C3 selected Convio's fundraising, advocacy and email solutions
  • Attracted to Convio's usability, functionality, and scalability, as well as willingness to provide high level of customer service despite the organization's small size
  • Uses Convio Database Connector for Salesforce® to automatically synchronize data between systems
  • Use a single login to manage all data related to online constituent communications
  • Able to identify correlation between actions and changes in legislation using detailed reports of campaign results


  • Tripled list size — grew from 2,000 to 6,000 emails addresses in 2 years
  • Automatic data synchronization reduced process from 10-15 hours per week to 30 minutes per week
  • Leverages integrated data to launch targeted marketing campaigns based on a holistic view of constituents' actions and interests
  • Launched successful advocacy campaign (open rates of 35%, clickthru rates of 20%) within hours of learning that the Colon-Prostate Treatment Act was at risk; advocates response pressured targeted governor to sign a bill
  • "Cover Your Butt" campaign urged C3 supporters to participate in one-day phone campaign in March 2008; supporters made 2,000 phone calls to 340 congressional offices

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